Karl’s iOS Irish App Of the Day: ShipAntics – The Legend of the Kiki Beast


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Released yesterday, ShipAntics – The Legend of the Kiki Beast is the latest puzzle game from Dublin based StoryToys.

They describe it as

ShipAntics stars a madcap crew of seafaring adventurers: Captain Fred, the warm-hearted skipper of the Barnacle, Amanda his precocious, wild and wide-eyed daughter, and Otto, a cheeky young tall-tale touting Octopus. Your orders are to help Amanda and Otto as they venture into the wild blue yonder, solving mysteries and puzzles with Fred and the rest of the crew of the Barnacle.

Which actually boils down to it being a nice little point-and-click type adventure game that reminds me of the glory days of Monkey Island.

It’s a cute little game and the obviously high production values make it a delight to play.

The app is available now on the Apple App Store for €1.99.

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