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The early edition of the Sunday Independent on July 20, 2014 (top) and Stephen Rae, group editor of INM  (above)

Further to SindoGate

The order to stop the presses was made by Stephen Rae, the group editor of INM’s titles, after he was informed by a senior journalist about the contents of the column written by Anne Harris, the newspaper’s editor.
The decision to change Harris’s copy against her wishes led to a heated discussion in the newsroom shortly after 7pm last Saturday, according to sources in the newspaper. Explaining why the presses had been stopped, Campbell Spray, the newspaper’s executive editor of operations, told colleagues Rae was his “ultimate boss”.

Mark Tighe, Sunday Times (behind paywall),

Irish newspaper editor’s column was changed after going to press (Roy Greenslade, Guardian)

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Bewildered Student writes:

“Where the hell is the NUJ [National Union of Journalists]?”


(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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39 thoughts on “Continuity Rae

  1. Melina Harris

    The NUJ? Never stops tweeting about football – and DOB bankrolls the Irish football management salaries largely. Adrian?

    1. Hosanna in the Hiace

      You must be the only Harris who doesn’t work for the Sindo…. Anne, Eoghan, Constance… Just saying.

  2. Feaar Bocht

    The Sunday Independent is not a newspaper it is a rag. They don’t report the news they are a minor-celebrity gossip magazine printed on newsprint.

  3. Tucker

    Q. “Where the hell is the NUJ [National Union of Journalists]?”

    A. In DOB’s pocket.

  4. Maxi

    I seem to recall that Broadsheet founder John Ryan wrote for the Sindo back in the day. Any recollections from the good old days, John?

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