54 thoughts on “We Are 4

    1. Lilly

      BS, how about banning people who use hideous expressions such as ‘going forwards’. Congrats!

  1. realPolithicks

    Yiz’ll be heading off to school soon, who’s going to look after the site then? Happy Birthday by the way…


    Big up buachaills. Been here from the start, I even remember when you used to be cool.


    A H

  3. Ronan

    Congrats. For the next 4 years, please consider having a look at your decision to move onto WordPress (or whatever it was you did some time ago) that makes your site incredibly slow to load on iPads – on UPC broadband. (not to mention clicking on comments a real pain of a wait).

  4. Anne

    Happy birthday to ye, happy birthday to ye, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to ye.
    For they are jolly good fellows, for they are jolly good fellows, for they are jolly good felloooooows and so say all of us.

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