Phoenix Park, Dublin this morning.

Sam writes:

“Fallow deer graze as the long grass which has been cut and bailed near the Papal Cross. Since the 1970s with the removal of hay these grasslands has been improving. Extensive open areas of grassland such as the ‘Fifteen Acres ‘ provide nesting sites for skylark. Grasslands which are remote from the main thoroughfares, are not cut and thus provide food and shelter for invertebrates and cover for small animals….”


(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

10 thoughts on “Fallow You

  1. DaveM

    Quick, kill it before it gets away,These beasts are potentially harmful to humans,just like foxes,badgers,seagulls and young lads jumping into GCD.They should be repatriated to the Serengeti where they belong or in no time at all they’ll be stampeeding on O’Connell street.Get the healy raes to come in and sort out the problem.

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