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A blend of CG modelling, 3D printing and traditional stop motion wherein director Kangmin Mim’s retells an actual event from his childhood – the time he drank the blood of a deer.


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Gavin Shapiro and composer Jason Doornick met this vocal deer in Nara Prefecture in Japan.

Blood curdling scream and convulsive giggling fit, yes. But first, the sound of air escaping from a balloon.




O’Connell Street, Dublin this morning.

Actual deer or donkey with stuck-on antlers?

We may never know.

Thanks Maria Shannon



Leon writes:

It’s Scuffy the “reindeer’ with Amanda Scobie (left) and Sonia Kelly launching  the programme of events for the Christmas season from DublinatChristmas.ie.an initiative by DublinTown, Dublin City Council, the Dublin Transport Companies, The Office of Public Works and city centre businesses.

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)



Phoenix Park, Dublin this morning.

Sam writes:

“Fallow deer graze as the long grass which has been cut and bailed near the Papal Cross. Since the 1970s with the removal of hay these grasslands has been improving. Extensive open areas of grassland such as the ‘Fifteen Acres ‘ provide nesting sites for skylark. Grasslands which are remote from the main thoroughfares, are not cut and thus provide food and shelter for invertebrates and cover for small animals….”


(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)


At Strawberry beds next to the Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Liam Phelan writes:

“So this happened about an hour ago.