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Reopening of Phoenix Park perimeter gates (Gov.ie)

Yesterday’s Sunday Independent LIFE magazine

“One day I stopped under the nest and I was looking at the debris of eggshell on the ground. I said to myself, ‘You’re just useless, you’re day-dreaming here, go home and do something’. I was giving out to myself about my pace, even though I was in nature.

“Then something extraordinary happened on my way out of the [Phoenix] park. It was February, a very cold day and there was trouble in the water. There was this man and a baby boy had fallen into the pond.

“The water was quite deep, up to the man’s chest. He was an older grandfather. The buggy had tumbled in, and the grandfather was trying to save the boy.

“I clocked them, then legged it down the hill, and helped them out of the water. There was fierce panic but they were all right in the end.”

“…That day I realised there was nothing wrong with my pace.”

Cavan singer-songwriter Lisa O’Neill in yesterday’s LIFE magazine.



This morning.

Garda Commissioner Drew Harris held his first press conference at Garda HQ in Phoenix Park where he outlined his vision for the gardai.

During the press conference, Mr Harris told RTÉ’s Crime Correspondent Paul Reynolds that he wouldn’t be afraid to speak truth to power.

This will end well.


Yesterday: A Minute Past Midnight

Pics: Cate McCurry and Leah Farrell/Rollingnews