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This morning.

Further to the killing this week of 34 deer in the Phoenix Park  as part of a ‘managed cull’ by the Office of Public Works (OPW)…

…John Carmody, Of Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN), writes:

‘Phoenix Park is fast becoming a bloodbath for the intelligent and sensitive deer population who have lived and thrived in that park for centuries but are now lethally targeted only to end up on restaurant plates

We call on President Michael D. Higgins to come out and oppose the killing of these creatures that are literally roaming in his backyard, he’s been a known advocate against hunting over the years so he can no longer remain silent.

Is deer culling effective? Is hunting effective? No. Starvation and disease are unfortunate, but they are nature’s way of ensuring that the strong survive. Natural predators help keep prey species strong by killing the only ones they can catch—the sick and weak.

Hunters, however, kill any animal they come across or any animal whose head they think would look good mounted above the fireplace—often the large, healthy animals needed to keep the population strong.

And hunting creates the ideal conditions for overpopulation. After hunting season, the abrupt drop in population leads to less competition among survivors, resulting in a higher birth rate.’


This morning.

Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Minister Patrick O’Donovan with Audrey Farrell (top), Conservation Services at the Office of Pubic Works, and architect Denis Byrne (above) at the Magazine Fort to announce the plans of works to restore and upgrade the historic Fort.

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Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

This morning.

Phoenix Park, Dublin.

Patrick O’Donovan, Minister of State with responsibility for the OPW, speak to the press as he launches the publication of the Phoenix Park Transport and Mobility Options Study Post-Consultation Report following ‘extensive’ public consultation.

Key recommendations include:

1. All gates will remain open and fully accessible as per normal operations with the exception of Cabra Gate, which, as part of the pilot bus service initiative, will be accessible by bus only during the pilot period.

2. Walking and cycling improvement projects will be implemented as set out in the Study.

3. The proposal to make the North Road a cul-de-sac has been altered arising from feedback. The proposal is now to pilot a one-way route from Cabra Gate to Garda HQ on this road.

4. The proposed cul-de-sac for the Upper Glen Road will proceed on a pilot basis.

5. A pilot bus service running from Heuston Station via Parkgate Street, Chesterfield Avenue, Cabra Gate to Broombridge Station, subject to funding.

6. The advancement of a Parking Strategy and review of the Bye Laws will commence immediately.

7. The conversion of Ashtown Gate to entry-only and the proposed cul de sac on Knockmaroon Road are postponed until the potential impacts on the surrounding areas are fully understood.

Minister O’Donovan launches the Phoenix Park Transport and Mobility Options Study Post-Consultation Report (Gov.ie)


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