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How the Phoenix Park gates were re-opened to traffic

Phoenix Park drive through.

Closed for the rona.

Re-opened without consultation.

Freedom of Information warrior Ken Foxe writes:

Text exchange (above) between Minister of State for Office of Public Works Patrick O’Donovan’s private secretary and a senior Office of Public Works (OPW) official requesting the reopening of all gates in Phoenix Park.

OPW warns: “As directed, the gates will reopen from tomorrow morning. As advised … there will be a degree of opposition to this.”

The gates re-opened the next morning.

An email from OPW Chairman Maurice Buckley also shows Minister O’Donovan had asked at a meeting about whether it was realistic to keep gates closed when there was “no alternative for traffic” in the surrounding areas.

Fianna Fáil Minister and TD Jack Chambers had forwarded on six representations received from constituents who had complaints about the closure of the Phoenix Park gates. He looked for a response from the OPW…

Good times.

Name that jammer (top), anyone?

Right To Know

Ken Foxe


Reopening of Phoenix Park perimeter gates (Gov.ie)

Yesterday’s Sunday Independent LIFE magazine

“One day I stopped under the nest and I was looking at the debris of eggshell on the ground. I said to myself, ‘You’re just useless, you’re day-dreaming here, go home and do something’. I was giving out to myself about my pace, even though I was in nature.

“Then something extraordinary happened on my way out of the [Phoenix] park. It was February, a very cold day and there was trouble in the water. There was this man and a baby boy had fallen into the pond.

“The water was quite deep, up to the man’s chest. He was an older grandfather. The buggy had tumbled in, and the grandfather was trying to save the boy.

“I clocked them, then legged it down the hill, and helped them out of the water. There was fierce panic but they were all right in the end.”

“…That day I realised there was nothing wrong with my pace.”

Cavan singer-songwriter Lisa O’Neill in yesterday’s LIFE magazine.