Selling Downtown Abbey



Distinctive designs for the Abbey Theatre.

Will Rice writes:

“I’m a designer in Zero-G, a Dublin-based design studio that’s been producing posters for the Abbey theatre for over five years (you might have seen them around town now and again). We’ve finally gotten an archive up and running, and thought your readers might be interested in having a look :)

Abbey Theatre Posters by Zero-G

14 thoughts on “Selling Downtown Abbey

  1. Helen

    most of them are crap, especially the shakespeare and o’casey ones. but the boucicault and roddy ones aren’t bad.

    1. kurtz

      Further proof that you are demented.

      These are fantastic examples of good design. The Abbey should be applauded for making the effort to publicize their plays with beautifully designed posters.

  2. Aisling

    Don’t suppose you can buy these? I asked the Abbey about getting a copy of one of the Twelfth Night ones after we saw it but they said they don’t give them away…

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