Can’t Be Bought


90340717Former Irish Independent journalist Gemma O’Doherty at her Employment Appeals Tribunal in May.

You may recall how Gemma O’Doherty appeared before the Employment Appeals Tribunal on May 9 last when she took an unfair dismissal case against Independent News and Media.

The case was adjourned pending written submissions and on a decision on whether it should be postponed until after the conclusion of a defamation case – that Ms O’Doherty is taking against group editor-in-chief Stephen Rae and the Irish Independent.

Further to this, The Phoenix magazine, on shelves now, reports:

“There is now serious concern at INM and especially the Indo at what evidence O’Doherty is likely to bring forward at the EAT [Employment Appeals Tribunal] and the High Court whenever hearings take place. Group managing editor, [Stephen] Rae, has told the board that the situation is under control but that does not explain why O’Doherty has resisted efforts, including substantial compensation and a generous contract, to drop her case.”

“It is not just penalty points being wiped out for the ex-commissioner and the Indo editor that O’Doherty will be focusing on in her evidence. It is the deep, complex relationship between the Gardaí and INM editorial, especially the Indo, that will come under scrutiny at any High Court or EAT hearings. This will involve not only the Anglo tapes but also the coverage of the various Garda controversies like the GSOC bugging allegations, whistleblowers and so on.”


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39 thoughts on “Can’t Be Bought

    1. Buzz

      Uneducated people with short attention spans but let’s not be snobbish about it. They’ll have to look for an alternative soon enough.

  1. Kolmo

    ooohh – if the dark underbelly of our officialdom is exposed as the malevolent self-serving serpent of many, many a secret, will the baul’ Gemma ever get a job in Ireland again?

    Maybe a jobsbridge/free labour kitchen porter, maybe…

    1. Jimmy 2 tones

      No she will come out of it a hero & will do better than ever. About time someone stood up to the bullies

    2. Starina

      It’s that sort of attitude that’s caused this sort of stuff to fester unchecked for decades.

      She’ll probably land a sweet job at the Guardian or some other respectable paper covering Irish politics.

    3. Mr. T.

      She’ll get a great job at an international publication.

      There is life outside Old School Tie connected Ireland. It’s just that they’re the only ones who don’t know that.

    4. Buzz

      Shaking in your shoes there, are you Kolmo? Stop projecting and start looking forward to your future as a kitchen porter. Think of all the hang sangwiches you can pilfer.

      1. Wilson-IRL

        I’m really hoping you were able to get that code from my first post. Otherwise..

        GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!

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