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Ben Senioe writes:

I’m a self employed Irish app developer and noticed you sometimes feature apps. I’ve made an Irish Lotto app for Android that provides the latest results and notifies you when they’re available, as well as letting you check and re-check your numbers. I’m working on an update but the current version is out now and available to download from the Play store

Irish Lotto (Lottery Results) (Google Play)

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4 thoughts on “Irish Android App Of The Day

  1. E

    Some people keep their ticket to check on the shop barcode scanner even after inputting
    them on the site, just incasey they were of their tits or something when checking them manually. Included the code that would let you scan your tickets barcode with your phone & your on a winner.

    1. Chamos

      Always good to have options. Easier to poke Ben than the Lotto if you want it to do something it currently doesn’t also.

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