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Ben Senioe writes:

I’m a self employed Irish app developer and noticed you sometimes feature apps. I’ve made an Irish Lotto app for Android that provides the latest results and notifies you when they’re available, as well as letting you check and re-check your numbers. I’m working on an update but the current version is out now and available to download from the Play store

Irish Lotto (Lottery Results) (Google Play)


Coolmine train station, Dublin 15.

Orla writes:

How far would you go to win a fortune..

Jackpot work in fairness.

Meanwhile, Local Election poster defacement…


Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

Myles Waytson writes:

“She has my vote.”


Eimear ni Fhaolain writes:

“Saw this yesterday. Apparently they don’t like smiles in Ballymun [Dublin]”


Neil Condron writes:

Well my suspicion that the Irish Lotto made a major clanger last Saturday (April 6) was right. It would appear that a ‘9′ was transposed when the balls were being printed and ended up as a ‘6′ ON THE ’9′ BALL. However as everything is supposed to be ‘squeaky clean’ and overseen, balls weighed and checked, how did this get by all the scrutinisers?
I wonder how much this blunder will cost the Lotto (or the taxpayer). The even bigger question – how long has that ball been in use (and where have I put all my old tickets)?