The Intel/Gaza Hoax


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Someone has sent out a fake but official-looking press release [above] trying to drag Intel into the Israeli/Gaza conflict. “It’s a hoax,” Intel spokesperson Chuck Mulloy told [Business Insider]
Intel is being targeted because it’s a huge employer in Israel and is in the process of building a $6 billion facility there.

There’s A Horrible Hoax Involving Intel And The Israeli/Gaza Conflict Going Around (Business Insider)

(H/Ts: Gerard Murphy/Cian Byrne)

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10 thoughts on “The Intel/Gaza Hoax

  1. ivan

    I’m still intrigued by the Herald saying that SuperValu were boycotting stores, claiming that their writer had seen an email giving it the go ahead, and THEN the Times saying ‘actually no, it’s not happening’.

    Either the Herald completely made it up, or SuperValue got a phonecall from somebody.

    Wonder which it was…

      1. ivan


        For sh*ts’n’giggles I tweeted the author of the story wondering what i said above and await a response…

  2. John Cassidy

    If Intel don’t halt their investment in Israel by the end of next week I’m going to go out and buy a laptop and PC with AMD processors in them and throw my Palestinian blood tainted ones in the river.

  3. bisted

    …has to be Anonymous….masters of the clinical, precision strike…causing mayhem and not a drop of blood shed.

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