A Chip Off The Old Boss


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A USA team including  Jessica Springsteen, winning the Aga Khan showjumping Nations Cup at the RDS Dublin Horse Show, Ballsbridge, Dublin this afternoon.

From top: Jessica Springsteen; Dad Bruce Springsteen and his partner Patti Sciafa. Jessica (centre) and Katherine Dinan and Charlie Jayne Of The USA team.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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18 thoughts on “A Chip Off The Old Boss

    1. Mick Flavin

      …Pat types on the toilet, as he absent-mindedly fingers a piece of organic matter extracted with difficulty from between two folds of stomach flab. He sniffs the morsel, which he identifies as half a Chickatee, and deposits it in his maw to be crushed by plaque-encrusted teeth. After a perfunctory wipe he stands, looks in the mirror, flicks his greasy rat tail…
      “You are beautiful, Pat. You are…”

    2. Am i still On this Island

      Pat, her looks are not important to her ability to compete in her chosen sport

    3. Lilly

      What a comment Pat. Do you think when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, some weasel was going ‘he’s no looker’?

  1. Everybody

    Ah nothing quiet like a load of Irish people dressing up as a load of English people for the day.

      1. WhoAreYa

        You are correct. I simply had not realised Bruce and Patti were together for so long!
        I must be getting old :(

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