28 thoughts on “Uachtar Reoite So

  1. giggidyelmo

    Irish ice cream pales in comparison to what it could be if we had a PROPER gelato (italian style ice cream) shop which would wipe up the market instead of imitation Gino’s. Murphy’s ice-cream is great but it’s ice cream, I wants my gelato!

    1. Am I Still on This Island

      Sure it must be 1 “arnt we great” for every 100 “isnt it a shit hole” posts! Good news stories and positive comment should be welcomed surely.

    2. Paolo

      Is Francis Ford Coppola Irish? Surely it’s an “Aren’t they great post”?

      I know our self-deprecation is one of the characteristics that other nationalities like but jaysus, there are a lot of begrudgers on here.

  2. donnchup

    Needy Paddy seeks foreigner to love him. Was abused in an previous relationship and seeks approval.

  3. phil

    Ya we do have a great Literary tradition , we are always making up stories, and we don’t just leave it to the authors , everyone has a go , from politicians to postmen….

  4. The bringer of facts

    The comment deleting around here is worse then Israeli PR.
    Tell us what to say, it would be easier.

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