God Forgives


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An Irish priest jailed for stealing up to $100,000 from a Florida parish to spend in Las Vegas is back in Ireland – and is saying Mass here. Father Francis Guinan (71) told The Star he is “helping out” at the church in Eglish, Co. Offaly. And the cleric – who served more than three years in prison – added “I have put in my time…I have a clean slate.”

Priest who stole $100K for Vegas blowout is back (Michael O’Toole, Irish Daily Star)
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Florida Irish priest who embezzled for Las Vegas trips wants his collar back (Dara Kelly, Irish Central, September 2012)

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16 thoughts on “God Forgives

  1. John Cassidy

    In fairness, he did do his time. And who are we to know whether he is genuinely remorseful or not? I hate this witch hunt mentality that has sprung up on the internet. It’s crass and ignorant.

    1. Am i still On this Island

      Yep time served, debt to society paid and he is entitled to get on with life. It’s not like the nature of his crimes make him a risk to his community.

      1. postmanpat

        I could of sworn the article said 78 an hour ago. Maybe It was amended or I was seeing things.

  2. postmanpat

    The church, the followers and opus dei media moguls prefer the term “clerical abuse”. RAPE sounds too RAPEY for our tiny pious national mentality to handle, “Clerical Abuse” acknowledges and softens the negative RAPE connotations. god forbid in a news story, where in a specific case, a priest RAPED a CHILD the term RAPE is used by the media . Best to lump all the cases under the negative and gentler term “abuse”. And anyway, in this case this priest didn’t RAP..sorry …abuse anyone (as far as anyone knows) he just stole money.

    1. Talismania!

      So that’s all right then.

      If Brady’s retiring, maybe he could take over for a while? He’s proved he’s audacious enough?

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