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This afternoon.

Liveline on RTÉ Radio One.


Any excuse.


Hang on.

Didn’t Fine Gael oppose Monsignor Horan’s plan for Knock Airport?


Newly resurfaced runway opened at Ireland West Airport (RTE)

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An Irish priest jailed for stealing up to $100,000 from a Florida parish to spend in Las Vegas is back in Ireland – and is saying Mass here. Father Francis Guinan (71) told The Star he is “helping out” at the church in Eglish, Co. Offaly. And the cleric – who served more than three years in prison – added “I have put in my time…I have a clean slate.”

Priest who stole $100K for Vegas blowout is back (Michael O’Toole, Irish Daily Star)
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Florida Irish priest who embezzled for Las Vegas trips wants his collar back (Dara Kelly, Irish Central, September 2012)

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In case you missed it: writer/director Stevie Russell’s excellent, atmospheric short about revenge and buried secrets that recently aired on RTE2 as part of the Shortscreen season.

Produced by Michael Donnelly and Rebecca Bourke. Starring: Osin: Conor Delaney; David: Sean Duggan; Father Casey: Des Keogh; Tom: Derek Reid

Tidal/Saturday Shorts (Ain’t It Cool News)

(Hat tip: Lyn)

A cleric who accidentally showed gay porn to parents of schoolchildren in the North has been appointed parish priest of Clogherhead. The appointment, which was made without any warning to parishioners, has brought complaints from angry parents in the Co Louth village. It is nearly a year since Fr Martin McVeigh decided to take a sabbatical after the images flashed up on a screen as he made a presentation to the parents of children preparing for confession in advance of their First Holy Communion.


Wonder where he was sent for his prayer and penance?

Anger as gay porn incident cleric is made parish priest (Elaine Keogh, Sunday Independent)

Statement by Very Reverend Martin McVeigh (Armagh Diocese, 2012)

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