‘On One Of Its First Flights’



“There seems to have been an increase in the deliberate killing of peregrines in recent years with several unexplained nest failures in the southeast.The finding of this bird is not an isolated incident. There have been attempts to poison and shoot birds at a number of nests and if people see anything suspicious like a tethered pigeons or a trap, NPWS staff should be called.”

Dominic Berridge of the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Peregrine falcon shot in Co Wexford (RTE)

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28 thoughts on “‘On One Of Its First Flights’

  1. Rep

    So this lovely game of killing this wonderful birds has moved over to the east coast? How wonderful. Since these are too small to even incorrectly claim that they can kill lambs, what are the morons excuses here?

    1. Mikeyfex

      Cos at least on the west coast it’s just the wildlings doin’ how they do and there’s nothing anyone can do about it anymore. People on the east coast should know better.

          1. ABM's bloody underwear

            Absolutely forgiven Clampers, I’ve made the same mistake myself from time to time when in my cups.

    2. Medium Sized C

      I know, right?

      The feck is wrong with people.

      We should tie raptor killing numbers to the CAP.
      More dead birds of prey results in some sort of penal effect on CAP.
      That’ll put the wind up the horrible bastards.

  2. postmanpat

    “GOOD SHOT MATTY!!!” “Now off to the travel agent to book our annual Thailand sex holiday”

      1. chimpy

        but he’d be right…going by the type of lad that likes to go out and kill a few things on the weekend.

  3. chimpy

    Theres a lot of this species out near me (north county dublin) and theres lads out here that I see shooting on a regular basis. thinking they were employed by the farmer to kill crows and magpies I approached them and asked them what they were shooting. they said “whatever, if its flying we’ll shoot at it.” pretty sickening really.

  4. pissedasanewt

    I’d favor somebody shooting the crap out of anything that flies as being the main culprits. Unfortunately it means its unlikely they will ever be caught or prosecuted. Not much that can be done unless somebody witnessed the killing.

    Its a pity people don’t have more respect for their surroundings. I saw two lads fishing and sipping a few cans down by the canal yesterday evening. I thought it was a nice way to enjoy a lovely evening. Walking back that way this morning. Dirty feckers had left all their cans and rubbish behind. Even cans floating in the canal. Like, whats the point. You use and benefit from the local amenity, but make no effort to take care of it..

    1. Kieran NYC

      For all the ‘let’s go win it for the parish’ mentality, there’s not much civic pride in Ireland.

  5. Florida123

    I hope the basta*d who did this gets shot himself..people worked so hard to reintroduce these birds into the wild & then some fuc*er with a gun just comes along & ruins it.

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