Good Morning Mrs Will Hunting



Free next Tuesday?

Dalachy writes:

Galway Samaritans are running a fundraiser and awareness night in The Roisin Dubh on Tuesday 26th August. Showing one of Robin Williams best movies to be chosen by YOU. €5 on the door and all proceeds to Galway Samaritans. The choice is YOURS: : Good Will Hunting (1997), Good Morning Vietnam (1987) or Mrs Doubtfire (1993)…”

YOU must decide!

Good Morning Mrs Will Hunting – Samartians fundraiser (Facebook)

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5 thoughts on “Good Morning Mrs Will Hunting

  1. eamonn clancy

    Jaysus, we’re quick to milk things, aren’t we? No matter what the cause, if there’s euro in, “shure why not”?

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