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HSE denies report of suspected Ebola case in Ireland (RTÉ News)

27 thoughts on “Going Viral

  1. rmc

    I think there should be some sort of repercussions for the Journal for such blatant fabrication/exaggeration. only causing panic and fear in people for a few clicks.

    1. Mani

      Yes! Only the worst ‘journalists’ should be made write for them! And terrible articles too…..about ‘Do you remember this from your childhood…wasn’t that gas altogether’ and ‘Isn’t nostalgia great’.

      That’d teach them.

    2. Tom Stewart

      Yes. You have the same from,,, etc. Our lovely new media will publish any old crap, true or not. But people will click on it, so job done.

      Really getting sick of the unverified nature of new media.

        1. Tom Stewart

          If what you’re getting at is that because I don’t pay for it then it can be rubbish, this implies that only things with monetary value attached are worth anything. This is not the case.

          They earn their crust from ad revenue. That doesn’t give them the right to lie to get that ad revenue.

          1. Spartacus

            I’m reading the words, and all I can hear is the sound off fingernails being dragged across a blackboard.

    3. SG

      What’s funny is that they are always tweeting about inaccuracies and treatment of stories by other outlets. They are a news gathering site that routinely take stories from newspapers, radio and the web. When they ‘broke’ this story this morning, I wonder if any one knew to actually get it verified from a reliable source before causing hysteria amongst their readers

  2. Daithif

    Had a dream last night where an friend and I had opened a bar, and Una Mullally was there. She kept going around taking down pictures that we had put up and tutting like there was something sexist about them, but she never said what it was.

    So, Ebola…

  3. Mick Flavin

    It also didn’t take long for this in the comment section:

    “This is one of the many reasons we need stricter immigration controls.”

    Two green thumbs to every one red thumb…

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