15 thoughts on “Gullipop Gullipop

    1. Snarky snark

      I saw your comment they obviously deleted where you called the artist ‘retarded’ you scumbag. Don’t be trying to act the innocent.

      1. Parky Mark

        Meh. Who’s acting innocent? It’s clearly not very good. What’s wrong with artists practicing their craft until they have something good to show. This guy paints a bad stencil, takes a bad photo of it and then sends it to a blog to try and reach the masses. Keep it to your shed before you get good enough to take it to the streets.

  1. Ink Ognito

    Relax lads – it’s Friday. Have a Crunchie and let’s not take things too seriously. I thought it was funny but maybe it was crap – sure what harm – at least I tried ;-) enjoy the weekend!

  2. Toe Up

    Why for pieces like this do you show 3 images. One showing the location and a close up to show the detail would surely be enough, especially as you have page load issues on the main page.

  3. Goldbaaren

    It was a dark evening, and this is a dark day for Broadsheet.

    I am not sure why, I just feel it.

    Sometimes I think that I am psychic. I get this feeling, like a sixth sense. Once I dreamt that my gran had a bad fall and when I woke up, etc, etc…

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Yes, all’s good in Gaza now. Israel can’t see what’s going on and Gaza bombs are pointless thanks to the drones being silenced by high pitched sqwalking gulls, who are carrying multi-fruit flavoured lollipops and dropping them on soldiers and babies alike. It’s totally ineffective and the gulls are creating chaos as has been reported, as one gull drops a lollipop another swoops down and grabs it before it hits the intended target. The UN has been called in to put an end to the teasing of Israeli babies with lollipops. Soothers were then handed around the Israeli parliament as an appeasement and German panzer division songs were sung through the tannoy to sooth them in their moment of inconsequential pain. But, and this is the breakthrough, brokered by the man himself, Jesus, that it was through him, with him and around him and his big hipster beard that the babies were arranged in a Star Of Kenneth, all suckling the nose cones of guided missiles and Jesus said on to them “it’s OK dudes and dudettes, let them suckle on the teet of their freedon, eat hummus and drive humvees” for they shall inherit the great power of the suckling. So until one needs a burping all will be well. Chumbawamba be praised.

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