20 thoughts on “Kingkenny

    1. Miami Dolphin's Barn

      +1 I’d love to show a refugee from a third world country this gaf and explain to him/her this is how bent we are.

  1. ThePeoplesHero

    I met the fella who lives there on one of his charity drives…. he’s a very pleasant – but freaky (in a good way) fellow…..

        1. Anne

          Ah ah huh huuuuh, yeeeeaaaah..

          This reminds of that one time – last week where I saw Blue Suede Shoes with the DJ on his accordion sounding keyboard at a pub in Kilkee. The mortification.
          It was either get into it or jump off a cliff. :)

  2. irlandesa

    That’s actually one of the saner houses in Kilkenny, although I think the one painted (yes, the whole house) in black and amber stripes has been repainted.

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