Have You ‘Taken The Boat’?


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Camille Hamet and Séréna Robin write:

We are two young French film makers working on a documentary about Irish women traveling to England to have an abortion. It will be broadcast on French public TV Public Sénat in December.
We just arrived in Dublin and plan to stay in Ireland for two months. We are already in touch with the IFPA [Irish Famile Planning Association], the ASN, Doctors for Choice and Senator Ivana Bacik, among others. But we are currently looking for Irish women that would agree on sharing their own personal experience of abortion. Our main challenge is to find a woman that would agree to let us follow her while she is in the process of seeking an abortion in England. Anonymity will be contractually guaranteed but we don’t even know how to reach them to discuss it. Therefore, we were wondering if it was possible to mention our project on Broadsheet. It would be very helpful. If anyone would like to help us  regarding this please don’t hesitate to contact us.at taketheboat.themovie@gmail.com.
Here is a link to the project. You can also check its Facebook page and its Twitter account.

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5 thoughts on “Have You ‘Taken The Boat’?

  1. Jesse

    i wouldn’t bother to get in touch with Ivana Bacik. She changes her views on abortion to suit the Labour Party line, she’d do anything for a Dail Eireann seat. Go to Clare Daly or Ruth Coppinger instead, more interesting than Ivana, and more intelligent.

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