19 thoughts on “Hailo You

  1. Mister Mister

    Didn’t you see the taxi plate on the roof ? It’s a well know belief amongst taxi drivers that this bestows great powers, i.e. ignorance, upon them greater than a set of blues and twos could ever do.

  2. Am I still on This Island

    How would you suggest the get out with their wheelchair of they require one?

    That garage is a mess for parking taxi men everywhere who don’t want to use the holding area at the airport

    1. Mkfla

      That is so patronizing. The wheelchair would be in the boot. The user could support themselves on the taxi as they shuffled their way round to the back of the car. Society in general has a tendency to underestimate the capabilities of disabled people. In a way the taxi driver is doing them a favour. #selfdetermination

  3. jeanclaudetrichet

    Stop the presses! Do they know about this in syria and Palestine? This is the worst thing EVER.

    1. nefd6

      I’d doubt that very much, sure aren’t they both undergoing civil war type escapades? What interest would they have in this matter?

      But yes, shame on Broadsheet for reporting on anything other than global atrocities. How are we supposed to keep up to date with what’s going on in the big bad world when every single news outlet isn’t reporting on them?

  4. Am I still on This Island

    Really!! I know one wheelchair user who keeps her chair in the back seat of her car, I also know an amputee who requires a lot of space as in door fully open to get out of their car due to reduced mobility

    This is a blatant case of inconsiderate stupidity as it is clear from the photo their is no other parking option for those with reduced mobility needs

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