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Down Cash writes:

I visited a Topaz pump last week and used one of their card operated pumps where you pay at the pump rather than in the store.

When doing this you input a value of fuel you want, insert your pin and then pump. The pump cuts off when your car is full as usual, or pumps until the inputted value of fuel is reached. You are then supposed to be charged for the amount you pumped.

(Note: This was my first time filling this car and at the time I did not know fuel capacity or reserve capacity, my bad).

To my surprise when I looked at my account online two days later both the amount initially inputted (€60) and the pumped amount (€50) had been taken from my account.

On visiting the station they informed me this was to stop thieves with nothing in their account filling and running with no money in their account.

Today I received a reply from Topaz after querying this practice:

“As per our conversation I can confirm that Topaz charged your account for only the petrol dispensed i.e. €50, the €60 that was entered at the pump is being held by your bank and was not processed and should show in your account in 2-3 working days.”

(Note: I was told 4.5 working days for return of the money at the station).

In my account the €60 and €50 are gone from the account. At present I have no access to that €60.

I contacted my bank. They informed me that they’ve never heard of this and that they are not holding any money. The bank say all they can see is 2 transactions that are verified by my pin even though I only verified 1 transaction.

I saw no information that I would lose money for a week and was never informed of this important detail. I have rented cars and you are clearly warned about a hold of money on your account when renting the car, for damage etc reasons.

I thought I’d inform people in case they didn’t know, as I did not.



December 2013: Denis O’Brien buys Topaz for €150 million  (with a €150 million IBRC write off) amid some grumbling (above).

October 2015: Competition and Consumer Protection Commission clears the sale of Esso forecourts to Topaz.

December 2015: Denis O’Brien sells Topaz for an estimated €450 million-plus.

G’wan the capitalism.

Denis O’Brien sells Topaz for estimated €450m (Charlie Taylor, Irish Times)



From the Irish Times letters page:

Sir, – I was relieved to read about the appointment of former taoiseach Brian Cowen to the board of Topaz (“Brian Cowen and former AIB chief appointed to board of Topaz”, Business, May 3rd). It’s good to know that while so many aspects of life are going through change, the rationale for choosing non-executive directors to boards in this country remains the same. The expertise he brought to fuelling an already growing property bubble as minister for finance and then overseeing the worst financial crisis this State has faced will serve him and the board well as they manage the business of extracting money from Irish motorists. I hope those who have been adversely affected by the economic collapse will join me in making sure they never darken the forecourts of Topaz again. – Yours, etc,

Cowen joins the board of Topaz (Irish Times letters)

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Topaz The Morning To You

Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland


[Former Taoiseach Brian Cowen speaks with Denis O’Brien at the end of the Global Irish Economic Forum in September 2009]


Sell Topaz.

Or buy Topaz ‘short’ but sell ‘long’?

Maybe get out of fossil fuels altogether?


Previously: Topaz The Morning To You

Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland


Yesterday, Aine Coffey reported in The Sunday Times how Denis O’Brien is poised to take full control of Topaz, Ireland’s biggest liquid fuel supplier.

Coffey also reported how Topaz staff were informed last week that O’Brien’s associate John Callaghan has been made chairman, while Dermot Dwyer, of Siteserv, has been appointed to the board.

It’s believed he will learn this week if his bid for Topaz’s IBRC loans is successful.

It may be worth bearing in mind that IBRC wrote off more than €64m in debt owed by a British fuels company Blue Ocean Associates before it was taken over by a consortium which included Denis O’Brien.

And IBRC wrote off around €100million in debt belong to Siteserv, before O’Brien bought it for €45million – while he himself owed Anglo hundreds of millions.

Good times.