Not In Our Name


At the Spire, O’Connell Street, Dublin this evening protesting at the treatment of ‘Migrant X’.

(Ruth Medjbar and Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

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Meanwhile, in Cork


Outside the Courthouse, Cork city this evening.

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Meanwhile, in Belfast…


Outside Belfast City Hall this evening.

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Meanwhile, in London



Outside the Irish Embassy, London this evening.

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Meanwhile, In Galway


Eyre Square, Galway this evening.

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54 thoughts on “Not In Our Name

  1. alam

    Should all theae protesters not be up at the hospital demanding that migrant x’s baby’s incubator be turned off??? Impact would be the same as if x had been allowed tp go to uk for a late termination.

    1. Lilly

      I’d like to know what quality of life that poor child can expect to have and if there are long-term implications of being born so prematurely. It is barbaric.

      1. rotide

        I have relatives that were born very very prematurely and they are leading more productive lives than you.

      1. alan sherry

        there are 2 lives at stake here, not 1. that is something pro choicers never seem to understand.

        1. Spartacus

          I hope you’ve got your asbestos overalls handy, Alan, because I predict very little sympathy for your moralising claptrap in the short to medium future.

        2. Ahjayzis

          Strapping a suicidal rape victim with no English recently arrived from a warzone to a hospital bed until she brings her rapist’s fetus to full term is something this pro-choicer can’t understand.

  2. Eve

    Really wish we could have joined you all – anything planned for Saturday, as mentioned earlier?

  3. Jack Ascinine

    Sure, all the feckwits that actually need to see this and know how the people feel are all on holidays. Unless they are checking out broadsheet from their deck chairs I doubt they’ll be moved. No TV airtime to be gained for them in the off season for this. Maybe everyone can do it all again in a couple of weeks and you’ll have them lined up for comment.

    1. Lilly

      That is so sad. That the mother and baby have been put through hell and that’s the prognosis. It makes me despair :(

    1. pedeyw

      ABM needs to try harder with his trolling. He seems to have given up any semblance of logic in his comments.

      1. ABM

        My shoes are killing me, and two heads of lettuce were mouldy by the time I got them home. I can’t be all abortion abortion abortion. Why do you people dehumanise me like that?

        1. L'esprit de l'escalier

          Mayhaps you have quality of life issues of your own. Perhaps you are working too hard or are underpaid? Perhaps some time off on the scratcher?

          1. ABM

            This is my job. What would you do without me?

            I think of Broadsheet as a nest full of chicklings, jaws agape for knowledge. I must endure the chirping if I am to pass on the worm.

  4. Blah

    Am I the only one who’s:
    1) Happy the mother is still alive
    2) Happy the baby hasn’t been aborted?

    The sole focus on the mother and her trauma – which is not to downplay the extent of it at all – to the neglect of the other perfectly innocent person here, who otherwise would not be alive today, is more than a little perverse to me.

    1. Blah

      PS I really REALLY hope this woman is not just sent to one of the makeshift refugee camps we’ve set up, and that this case makes the government start treating our asylum seekers better.

      1. Jay

        I would have thought you’d be more concerned about the child. Seen a few people saying it’s doing well, 80% chance of a disability showing before age 6 though, no irish/EU citizenship and no means to articulate a reason not to be sent back to the country it was conceived in or whatever. That’s a child with a deportation order in it’s immediate future.

        Also, the woman of course will be sent to such a detention centre here. Where else did you think she was going to end up? She’s still an asylum seeker and that’s where they are put. We locked her up, denied her medical aid, put her in front of a medical tribunal and sliced her open. On what planet are you living that you thought that we were all of a sudden going to treat her as a human being with any sort of rights?

    2. Spartacus

      That poor child is very much in our minds as the turmoil ensues from this sad and sorry episode, as is the misfortunate woman at the centre of this. The situation is a moral and ethical nightmare with no simple answers but a whole lotta questions for us as a nation.

    3. Lilly

      You know how people say when an elderly person who is very ill dies – it was a merciful release, he’s in a better place now – I feel like that about this poor child.

          1. Spartacus

            Well, he or she *has* been born and deserves every chance at a full, long and healthy life. In contrast to your bizarre wishes, I hope the little one goes on to be strong and healthy.

          2. Lilly

            Yes, I agree with that. There’s no turning back the clock now. But no being should have that kind of suffering imprinted on their DNA.

          3. Lilly

            That probably did sound bizarre but typing on phone, can’t expand fully. It’s more Hindu approach to abortion, not wishing harm on the child once born.

      1. rotide

        This type of comment is one of the main reasons i continually question my pro choice stance when reading the comments here.

  5. Blah

    I was stupid and assumed the child became a citizen and would be put through the adoption process.

  6. Blah


    Absolutely awful mindset. The sort of mindset that wants Down Syndrome children aborted. I really find it disgusting, in the true sense of the word. No problem aborting in cases of risk to the mother, but “pro-choice”? Fupp off.

    1. well

      Whats awful about it? just because you have more compassion for a clump of non sentient cells that it’s incubator doesn’t mean the rest of us do. Do you support mandatory blood/organ donations too?

      1. Blah

        If you see a fetus as “a clump of non sentient cells”, we’re not going to agree on the matter. You don’t see human life in the same way I do, and I think your approach is awful.

    2. paul m

      Blah, are you talking about Dawkins recent comments and equating his opinion with that of everyone who supports the right for women to chose if they have an abortion or not? Bit narrowminded of you if you do. not everyone is of Dawkins mindset, just like i imagine not everyone against abortion legislation is an Opus Dei fanatic. Women need to have the right to chose, the legal and medical profession need to have the right to clarity on the matter.

      Abortion rights for women. Equal rights for civil/gay partnerships. Access rights for single fathers. Euthanasia rights for the terminally ill. Better support for suicide and homelessness. Effective White collar crime laws. Legalise cannabis.

      its not too much to ask our politicians to canvas for this in these more enlightened times we live in.

      1. Blah

        Hi Paul, my post ended up as a new comment for some reason so looks a bit out of place. It was in response to rotide at 1:29am. It makes more sense if you read it as a reply to that convo.

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