Do You Know Kevin Barry From Donegal?





A bit Mutt and Jeff?

Named after the martyr?

That’s him!

Karl writes:

“You dropped your wallet on Merrion Square [Dublin] his evening while cycling a Dublin Bike. I picked it up but didn’t catch you because you were on a bike and I was not (also, I am slow and chasing you in work shoes while wearing a suit was very unedifying). You also appear to be hard of hearing because I was shouting at you. I might be slow but I am not quiet. Anyway, your wallet is intact as are its contents and cash and it can be collected just off Merrion Square tomorrow. I’ll drop it in to the Gardai at lunchtime if no contact is made through Broadsheet.


UPDATE: Mission accomplished! (see comments)

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18 thoughts on “Do You Know Kevin Barry From Donegal?

  1. Dhaughton99

    Don’t think I want to meet up with anyone from Donegal just yet. Waiting for the all clear.

  2. huppenstop

    If you google “Barry Old Road Donegal Eircom” you get a number for a John Barry. They’re probably related if the town is the same (blocked in photo)

  3. gerry

    The address is legible. When Posting these photos everything should be blocked out except the photo that can be used to identify him. The guy doesn’t need his signature online forever. An Identity fraudster may appreciate it at some stage in the future though.

  4. Kevin Barry

    Karl sir you are a legend. I am the man in a mad hurry on a Dublin bike on merrion square. I did not hear your exclamation or may have mistook it for the rush hour ruille buille. I owe you a pint. I was in a hurry to meet an old buddy just home from oz. landed in Stephens green and cursed my luck that I couldn’t buy him a pint. Nevertheless I sourced alternative funds and we had a good catch up. Browsed fb on my way home and spotted myself tagged in this broadsheet article. Thank you Karl and thank you broadsheet. As everyone knows a wallet is worth ten times the cash inside it ; ) if only it could tell stories. Thanks again : ) ps email address with broadsheet.

  5. Joe Dolan

    “I might be slow, but I am not quiet” HAHAHAHAHA – I checked twice that I wasn’t holding a rogue wallet when I read this.
    An excellent piece of prose, Karl. Hats off, place on the junior cert syllabus beckons…

    1. Karl

      I don’t have to. I choose to. I’m not wearing one today.

      Anyway, Kevin is getting his wallet back and I am so nice that I even used his coffee loyalty card this morning so he’s one step closer to that free cup.

  6. Mikeyfex

    Hard b*stard ya, Kevin?

    Ya i do that too. Like the guy takin the photo is getting a little too close with his lens.

  7. Karl

    Kevin has collected his wallet. He brought me a bottle of wine which was very nice of him.

    He’s very tall.

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