‘Whatever Is Necessary’



Donald Trump

The Irish Times reports:

US billionaire Donald Trump is in dispute with a firm that is planning to erect a wind farm near his Doonbeg golf club on the Co Clare coast…The executive vice president at the Trump organisation, George Sorial, said yesterday: “We will examine the planning application in the next number of days and if we conclude that it jeopardises our investment at Doonbeg, we will do whatever is necessary to fight it and protect the beauty of our site.”

Right so.

Trump on collision course with Co Clare wind farm company (Irish Times)

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28 thoughts on “‘Whatever Is Necessary’

  1. Jimmy Jazz

    Golf game totally ruined by glimpse of distant wind turbine on horizon (meanwhile polar ice caps secured).

    1. postmanpat

      baldest , (it not racist if he is white.) besides the money men behind the wind farm are all black.

      1. postmanpat

        Sorry not black, I meant rich, no , bald, fupp it ! I don’t know(care) the west of Ireland is boring anyway , who gives flying hairpiece what happens! Its hardly like there is a power shortage , only 10 families live in Clare and half of them are afraid of evil electricity and aren’t connected to the grid.

  2. postmanpat

    Surely the1 percent cant influence government regulation just because they can and they want …… can they? (scratches head and goes back to menial job/dole que/airport despite having a college degree)

  3. zynks

    That’s how the other blond business guy started, then he found out that instead of trying to sue the whole country it was easier just to buy it.

  4. Joe

    Beauty of our site – the natural beauty is long gone when the built the golf course and clubhouse. Joe doesn’t see golf courses as being beautiful, they are a 18 hole scar on the land.

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