Meanwhile, In London


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Kate Bush playing the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith tonight.




Thanks Anthony Curtis

Kate Bush’s first Before the Dawn show – live blog (The Guardian)

Pic: Ken McKay/REX

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34 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In London

    1. kerryview

      It’s nice to see that broadsheet isn’t troubled with people who’s knowledge of music is so all encompassing. Can’t think of anything more pithy, more’s the pity.

  1. V-Bomb

    Kate Bush is one of the most overrated artists in the world.

    But don’t mind me, I think Damien Rice’s O is the most overrated album of all time.

    And yes – the Apollo, and it’s surroundings, is a kip!

    1. Mani

      I won’t mind you. You clearly have no taste. And you think hating low hanging crywank fruit like Damien rice makes you controversial then god help you.

  2. Tom Stewart

    I don’t know the details, but I agree in principle. Concerts are ruined nowadays by the entire crowd holding up glaring LCD screens recording videos they’ll never watch.

  3. Bertie Blenkinsop

    From the set lists online looks like she didn’t play Wuthering Heights.

    To each their own, I know she’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I’m heading over in a couple of weeks to see her and I can’t wait.

        1. Mani

          Hounds of love heavy. Can live with that but id be surprised if she didn’t vary it ie kick inside one night then sensual world the next and so on.

      1. will-billy

        lucky Bertie. the last three songs tonight are outstanding finale and for me Army Dreamers and Hounds Of Love would make the night

  4. Tom Stewart

    Jaysus. And now a guy has tweeted that the incident never happened. I gave Broadsheet credit that it wasn’t part of the “Publish first, Verify later (or not at all) Brigade” like,,,

    Perhaps I was wrong.

    1. Mani

      I think the near daily deletion of hasty posts (normally by resident rainman ‘bodger’ would prove they have no issue with the shoot first ask questions later policy. You know, the type of thing they were drawing attention to last week with the journal vs ebola.

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