Mike Hogan writes:

“Evicted pensioner Violet Coyne (top) spoke to Niall Boylan on Classic Hits 4FM today. She spoke live from The High Court. She was in a dressing gown, while her husband wore slippers and a borrowed jumper.”

Classic Hits 4FM

Earlier: Meanwhile, At The Four Courts

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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50 thoughts on “Slippergate

  1. Gers

    Blablabla… People renting expect rights to stay forever in a house now? Also, I would urge people to dig out for the all story, like the fact that they knew this was coming and refused to move. A non-event.

        1. postmanpat

          don’t mind the troll Markus! Spartacus is just being Spartacus. The saddo has been having a go at everyone today . It would not matter what you say in a comment. He would reply with some bizarre hyperbole. Guy is a loser. just ignore him.

    1. Jock

      It’s a perfectly reasonable statement. Your response is the stupidest thing I’ve read today.

      1. Spartacus

        Jock, I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that you wouldn’t know reasonable if it kicked you in the arse.

        1. D

          What’s the “reasonable” length of time someone should be allowed stay in a house after a court-issued eviction notice? Serious question.

          1. Spartacus

            Is that question directed at me? I think we should always follow court directions. Anything else would result in anarchy and the collapse of the current system.

          1. Spartacus

            You appear to see a contradiction between my position on respect for court decisions and that of the stupidity of a statement made by Kill The Poor. I can’t really help you with that, really.

          1. postmanpat

            Funny how you and Spartacus sound exactly alike. Probably because you are the same person.

  2. fluffybiscuits

    If they can perhaps they could get a deposit for a place up the road in Mulhuddart or Clonsilla till they get back on their feet. Horrible situation to be in . Rents around Castleknock are not within price range of a lot of people…

      1. scottser

        not the point, spartacus. if you own, or have an interest in property you’re not deemed to have a housing need.

          1. scottser

            really. if worse came to worst they could stick a temporary dwelling on it. i wonder if they still own it?

  3. chicken

    This is actually ridiculous, it has been going on for 4 years & I am they would find another house somewhere if they looked. They decided not to look for something else because they thought the council would take care of them. I just had a quick look on daft.ie, & there are plenty of accomodations for under €700 outside of Dublin & probably 2 years ago there was a house more for this money.
    Additionally the stories don’t really add up – in the Sunday World they said that they bought the land to build a family home but on the radio she says they were building to sell.
    While it is a bit ridiculous that they were kicked out without the clothes, but I would like to hear from the Sheriff that they didnt allow them to change. My guess is they probably thought if they didnt change they would not be kicked out/ or that the judge would take pity on them.
    the judge is also bound by the law, so not much that he can do if it was a lawful eviction – ie. notices have been served.. etc.

  4. D

    Those saying they shouldn’t get evicted and that those not repaying mortgages shouldn’t be evicted either need to take things to their logical conclusion. If you can’t be evicted from anywhere why would you ever pay?

    1. scottser

      i don’t think anyone is saying they shouldn’t have been evicted. it all seems legal to me inanyways.

      1. Paolo

        Some people are. There are real cases where people are being made homeless through no fault of their own and at relatively short notice but these people have had ages to find somewhere. Just because they don’t fancy moving doesn’t mean they are victims. They pushed their luck and now they’re looking for a cheap photo op so that they can get on the Marian Finnucane show.

    2. Spartacus


      I think the difficulty here is that these people lived in a house that they called home for 15 years. There doesn’t appear to be any reason to believe that they defaulted on their rent, indeed if I understand the rent supplement system correctly it would have needed regular contact between their landlord and social welfare system to keep the payments going.

      The lack of empathy here is remarkable. If the legal system demanded that I leave my home (which I own) by compulsary purchase order for example, I’d fight tooth and nail until the last possible second and fupp the begrudgers. Why should we hold this couple to a different standard because they are “only” renting?

      It wouldn’t happen in Germany.

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