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Last year’s National Newspapers of Ireland award winners

The Phoenix magazine is reporting that the National Newspapers of Ireland Awards will not be taking place this year because Independent News and Media has pulled out due to “costs”.

INM has five national titles out of 16 NNI members and owns most of the 25 provincial member titles.

The magazine reports:

“The run-up to the awards judgements [last year] involved several fraught sessions of the judges panel …”[Judges panel chairman Michael] Brophy suggested that voting for journalist of the year – the three contenders were [Kitty] Holland, [Paul] Williams (the Anglo Tapes story) and David Walsh (the Lance Armstrong exposé) – be by secret ballot to avoid leaks as in previous years and that the winner be known only to the panel’s secretary until the night of the awards. Despite being agreed by the judges in advance, the night of the vote witnesses…[INM executive on the panel Ian] Mallon then called for a vote on the vote issue which produced a tiny minority for his proposal and so the vote proceeded in secret with the result being that the Williams scoop not only failed to clinch it but was beaten into third place.”


UPDATE: Not so, according to informed sources  (taps nose), the show may go on. More to follow.


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8 thoughts on “Awards Losing Journalism

  1. Jock

    What was Kitty Holland’s nomination for? The completely fabricated woman in a car story? Maybe it’s best that they shelved the awards.

    1. missred

      Er, perhaps for the Savita story…. the woman in the car story hadn’t appeared this time last year…

    2. Outta me Bento Box

      Maybe for the outrage over her kids not getting a school place in trendy “Renelagh”

  2. Gee Bague

    Looks like Mulley’s Web Awards.

    There are far more interesting things in the Phoenix. Like how one of the director’s of Mss Panti’s Bar is in fact that well known champion of employment rights, Jay Bourke.

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