37 thoughts on “Not Waiving But Drowning

  1. Custo

    How they still have customers in Ireland after the shambles a couple of years ago is beyond me.

    1. Tom Stewart

      Because they offer good value for current accounts. I’m with them (but admittedly haven’t researched the best value current account since moving to them).

      I was with them during the whole debacle and was mildly inconvenienced, but that’s it.

      That’s how people are still with them.

  2. Sinabhfuil

    Why do they have the right to charge a ‘maintenance fee’
    a) for being able to hold your money and invest it for their profit, and
    b) when all transactions on your account are electronic and automatic?

      1. Paul Davis

        Low volume/credit current accounts are a well known source of loss to the major banks.

        People with low income use their services more in relation to the charges the gain from these accounts.

        Simple business.

  3. Eamonn Clancy

    They noticed we were avoiding paying the charge through a method they introduced so we could avoid paying? Who’s the bright boy or girl who worked that out?

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Yep, I moved the dial. Had one account with UB and happily closed it and checked the box marked; would you like us to stick our €4 per month?

  4. Murtles

    “We noticed that you’ve been to avoid paying this fee for the past few months by lodging at least €3,000 into your account. You bastard. How very dare you put money into our bank? Well, we’re putting the smartners on you now moneyboy and taking away that waiver. And if you continue to meet the 2nd waiver over the next few months, we’ll get rid of that too. Suck that”

    1. The Old Boy

      If you don’t like it, keep your money in a Post Office savings book or a Credit Union. If you want a range of services such as banking cards, online credit transfers or ATM withdrawals at two in the morning for chips after a feed of pints you’ll have to pay for them.

  5. robert smith

    I’m with these shower of utter c-u-next-tuesdays, on top of that crap from a few years ago, I haven’t been paid, everyone else in my company has, but not ulster bank customers, oh and they have the cheek to charge you 30 euro should a payment bounce (namely my mortgage).
    I’ve been looking at moving to KMBC, anyone recommend them?

    1. robert smith

      I need to correct something, it’s not just ulster bank as I’ve been informed, but all banks. Some glitch with BOI apparently. This is why you pay fees, so they can pay consultants 550 bucks a day, wonderful.

      Ulster bank are still a shower of c-u-next-tuesday’s though

  6. Stewart Curry


    To qualify for free maintenance and transaction banking on your personal current account you must maintain a minimum daily credit statement balance of €2,500 in the account for each fee quarter. Credit interest does not apply to this AIB personal current account. Please see product details for complete information. ^
    Includes Domestic, Eurozone and Non-Euro ATM transactions ^

    Bank of Ireland
    A quarterly fee of €5 always applies, but customers can avoid account transaction fees by maintaining a minimum credit balance of €3,000 in their personal current account throughout the full fee quarter. ^

    EBS Limited
    Customers can get 5 free withdrawals each month by ATM or in branch (cash or cheque) if either at least €1,500 is lodged to the account each month, either in one lump sum or in instalments or a minimum balance of €500 is maintained in the account each month. ^

    Permanent TSB
    Quarterly fee waived if the customer makes lodgement(s) amounting to at least €1,500 each month. ^

    Ulster Bank (though the above letter means this is out of date)
    This is charged monthly (€4.00 per month) ^
    To avoid this fee, customers can either lodge a cleared total of at least €3,000 into their account or maintain a cleared balance of at least €3,000 in their account. ^

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      What about KBC?

      1. Free Mobile & Online Banking
      No internet banking fees.
      No mobile banking fees.
      No fees for electronic payments into or out of your account.
      No direct debit set up or processing fees.
      No standing order set up or processing fees.

      2. Free Debit Card Purchases & Cashback
      You do not pay any fees when you use your card in store, online and over the phone.

      3. Free ATM and Cheque processing fees
      All ATM and cheque processing fees are free if you maintain a minimum daily credit balance of €2,000 in your Current Account each fee paying quarter.

      Quarterly Fee €6.00
      ATM Withdrawals €0.30 each
      Cheque Lodgements €0.30 each

  7. Mr. T.

    Considering it’s next to impossible to get someone on the phone, e-mail someone directly or walk into a branch and carry out a transaction with a teller, banks shouldn’t be charging anything for the privilege of gambling with your money for their profit.

    1. D

      The reality is that banks didn’t charge when they were reckless. Now that they are constrained from being reckless they need to cover their costs in other ways. Fact is the reckless lending in the past subsidised free current accounts. Without that lending the current account business needs to pay for itself.

  8. Starina

    “you’ve been able to avoid”?? They really make it sound like you’re doing something dodgy.

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