They Came At Dawn



Scenes from the removal this morning of the 24/7 protest in Kilkenny attempting to halt the building of of bridge into the city

“We didn’t need 30 gardai, 15 workers and two members of the Council executive to remove two people and a gazebo.” [Kilkenny resident Kay Brennan (pink jacket)]

Darragh Byrne writes:

“At dawn today two members of the Save Kilkenny campaign were asked to leave the site of the Central Access Scheme (CAS) bridge in the city.
Some 15 workmen and up to 30 gardai swooped onto the picket site and asked the campaigners to vacate immediately. Locals Kay Brennan and Donal Coyne [pictured] asked to remain on site until other members of the campaign arrived to help pack tents, boats and other belongings.
…[but] Under the supervision of members of the unelected Executive of Kilkenny County Council workmen pulled up tents, tore down gazebos and threw personal items into trailers. They then erected railings across the site entrance and public footpath.
At this stage many more campaigners arrived but all vacated the area peacefully so no garda force was used. The campaigners said that picketing is set to continue and legal options are being pursued.
The campaigners, who are mostly supporters of the three main parties, said they would now be spreading their campaign throughout the city and at the ballot box next year in the upcoming by-election for Phil Hogan’s seat.”

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Pics by Vicky Comerford

Thanks Padraig O’Ceallaigh

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10 thoughts on “They Came At Dawn

  1. Kill the Poor

    ‘Under the supervision of members of the unelected Executive of Kilkenny County Council’ what an utterly stupid statement !

    Do we have to hold elections to fill all local government posts now so each and every pen pusher is accountable to the people ?

    1. Spartacus

      I think it’s fair to say that if the local government executive were accountable in any meaningful way, this situation would not have arisen in the first place.

      1. munkifisht

        Exactly. It would seem the vast majority of the local population are against this development. Democracy in inaction.

        1. Bacchus

          It would seem it’s a handful of people against it. Still… if “15 workmen and up to 30 gardai ” (sic) are capable of swooping I think the possibility of witchcraft would make a much more interesting story.

  2. Spartacus

    Has Phearless Phil definitely got the Brussels paid holiday job? His own website still says “…named as Ireland’s next EU Commissioner designate on July 11th”

    It would be truly delicious if he had to stand for re-election after all.

  3. Not Gerry Adams

    I don’t think the protesters are going far enough.

    We need a campaign to demolish *all* bridges across the Nore and so return the river to its natural state.

  4. Paolo

    It’s fewer cars they need in Kilkenny. It’s a clogged up mess and more of the roads should be 100% pedestrianised between 9am and 9pm.

  5. Well, that's that

    Argh…. noooooo, change! How could the two protestors allow *change* to happen in Kilkenny. FFS….. something could be different, only unspeakable evil come with change or something new!!!

    1. stoprefreshsearchhome

      That’s a pretty ignorant comment, you mustn’t know anything at all about the situation. I mean nothing in the slightest.

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