Do You Have A Mohawk And Live In Skerries?



Are you currently missing an iPod and this phone (above) with Dutch time (hmmm) included?

Read on.

Conor writes:

“A Skerries [Co Dublin]-bound passenger on the 3am 33N Nitelink left his HTC phone and iPod behind him. He had a distinctive Mohawk hairstyle. I think his name is Barry, but I don’t know him. After  unsuccessfully trying to flog it down the pub waiting for someone to call the phone (nobody has), I thought maybe Broadsheet could come to the rescue? I won’t be in the city til next weekend, so if there’s no reply I’ll hand them into the Dublin Bus Lost and Found then.”


UPDATE: Phone & iPod and owner reunited.

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    1. PaddyM

      Or five hours’ difference – 11.52am vs. 4.52pm – which would put home on the east coast of the US/Canada.

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