11 thoughts on “Let It Settle

  1. Selfie Sensation

    Ah Shure, would ye nt just walk around it? Its grand shure? It’s handy for me to park here shure, etc etc etc

  2. Odis

    Its a pain in the backside to deliver any goods, to any central location in Clifden. The town was built before the big truck.
    And even where places have been built after the big truck, no proper consideration has been given to the delivery of goods.
    Retail space is maximised, and the hauliers just have to struggle to find a way around that. I doubt this driver had any other choice. And his transport manager will have given him enough drops to make sure, he will arrive back at his depot, slightly late.

    1. ahyeah

      We’re just saying it was a little inconsiderate of you. Did you have to park right on the zebra crossing?

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