6 thoughts on “Aisle Be There For You

  1. Bejayziz

    I’ll be voting Yes but I dont see why people need to donate for some marketing campaign, its a pretty black and white decision

    1. Der

      People may want to offer some spare change to counter the overwhelmingly well funded organisations on the opposing side, Iona, Catholic Church, etc.

      1. postmanpat

        Just go to church this Sunday and take some money from the collection plate. Then spend it on ice cream! Win/Win! (you will have to listen to a mass though and you cant dress in all flamboyant or the old queen priest will be on to you) . Sit in groups of 3’s and the middle person swipes the money , the companions on either side conceal his/her actions. I’m planning of taking some drinking money from the plate this coming winter because I’m stung going to a church wedding and I disagree with the couples backwardness. Seriously, If I see any paper money its going in my pocket!

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