Nothing To Write Home About




But hardly Phwoar!


Previously: Queuing Around The Block

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33 thoughts on “Nothing To Write Home About

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      On Morning Ireland today they said there were six empty chairs in the queue and even the chairs were outnumbered by journalists. Serious journalism or comedy sketch? You decide!

  1. TessaM

    I think those people were all a stunt to get some media attention – and it worked!
    Someone’s getting a good bonus this year.

  2. the good helen

    there are 4 people in the Que, is that really even a Que? I’ve been longer in line in Lidl doing my weekly shop!!! Honest, its just the developers way of trying to get people in a panic to buy. Nothing to see here. , move along.

  3. the good helen

    ps. I don’t know about anyone else, but i’ve a job to go to, and would find it hard to get a week off to sit outside a building site.

      1. JokeBot3000

        >find songs/Glenn Miller
        >integrate results with housing humour database
        >error: joke not found

        >alternative: “It is Miller Time”
        >fatal error

  4. Mort

    At the risk of definitely sounding like a snob, who gave the clowns in their pjs and trackies a mortgage approval to be buying a house. Maybe they thought they were giving them away.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I found the whole thing a bit odd on a vox pop on the radio this morning……
      One of the ‘queuers’ was interviewed about the house she was after and she kept saying it was ‘gorgeous’ and she hopes she ”gets it cos it’s just gorgeous”. Nothing about the structure, the size, suitability, the estate, location, amenities, mortgage approval, interest rates, her financial investment. Either they were indeed actors or this is a return to the mindset of many, not all, but many home-buyers during the bubble; too obsessed with the aesthetics to worry about the real practicalities of financial responsibility and mortgage payments.

      1. scottser

        fat andy’s rellies no doubt, all queueing up with bin bags full of used 50s trying to get rid before CAB go after it.

        1. Italia'90

          You could very well be right?
          They looked a bit more like welfare recipients than your average Ross and Sorcha, first time buyers to me as I drove past earlier.
          Also, chillin in front of the white Hiace isn’t a good look beoirs.
          This particular site was like a bog throughout the winter and spring.
          (We’ve been checking out schools in the area)
          Do they not know that there is planning for 10,000 houses in this area between Swords, Rathbeal, Balrothery, Rolestown, Roganstown…?
          We won’t mention all the empty new houses in Lusk, Rush and Skerries.
          Something not right about this. I smell Auctioneers, Politicians, Developers and media bullsh1t, so much so, it reeks.
          The new minister for transport was featured in one of the local rags recently bigging up the “Metro” again even though they are going ahead with the bendy bus alternative?
          Seriously though, WTF 4fuxake!

  5. Ahjayzis

    That little upstand of the tiles to the underside of the fan is VILE.

    Saved themselves about 6 tiles, 6 cheap shiny tiles. Yuck.

    Table and chairs is cheap too >_<

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