On last night’s Tonight with Ger Colleran, Ger was joined by Caroline Simons (Pro Life Campaign), Dr Máire Nesta Nic Ghearailt (Every Life Counts), Dr Peter Boylan (National Maternity Hospital Holles St) and Ruth Bowie (TFMR)  to discuss abortion in cases of rape, incest and terminations for medical reasons (TFMR).

Ger Colleran: “You’re advocating that the medical or the legal prohibition on termination of such pregnancies [fatal foetal abnormalities] continue?”

Caroline Simons: “I’m advocating that the best position in the interests of women and in the interests of unborn babies is that there be a right to life for both and that the mother inevitably comes first because you cannot fail to look after a mother, without losing a baby as well.


Watch in full here.

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29 thoughts on “An Epiphany?

  1. Bluebeard

    Seems reasonable. Or is there a point BS? Something I should agree/disagree with. Help! I need moral herding.

    1. fluffybiscuits

      To me she is saying let a clump of cells that is going to die anyway go to full term in violation of a womans rights. This is not putting the woman first, this is dictating to a woman what she can do with her body.

        1. Clampers Outside!


          The 8th Amendment maintains a false and medically dangerous distinction between risk to health and risk to life. This woman is incapable of or refuses to see this. Fluffy made an effort to explain it, then you rambled on about bias where there was none.

          1. Bluebeard

            Confirmation bias is a well established condition whereby the listener filters what they are hearing to suit their own prejudices or preconceptions. A bit like here :-)

          2. eh

            Hello Bluebeard. I’m dreadfully sorry, but you see, I’m afraid I’m not sure how trustworthy your opinion regarding the rights and well-being of women can be considering that your username is based on a figure whose most notable accomplishment was murdering all his wives –

            Any chance that your username (coupled with your aversion to Irish women’s rights to avoid a risk to their health) belies some kind of Freudian slip, hmmm fellah? :-)

          3. Bluebeard

            I didn’t know that in fact. I thought it was a pirates name. But I struggle to take a person under the name of a hesitant pause stinking of cluelessness seriously. What’s in a name eh?

          4. eh

            It’s a Hartree love.
            e is the elementary charge. ħ is the reduced Planck constant.
            Everyone knows that you silly goose!

      1. rotide

        I didn’t read that from purely the piece BS printed and I’m too bored of it all to listen to the whole thing. I’d agree with the confirmation bias.

        1. huppenstop

          The constitution equates the life to right of the unborn with that of the mother. This is the position the pro-life supports. No one can “come first” if your starting position is that both are equal. No confirmation bias involved.

          1. huppenstop

            Except if she wishes to terminate the pregnancy of course. Or if she’s carrying a foetus with a fatal abnormality that’s incompatible with life. Or if she’s pregnant as result of rape or incest. The “inevitability” of the woman coming first is meaningless and a disingenuous assertion from Caroline.

          2. Clampers Outside!

            @well No, she hasn’t, she’s just being vague as usual, by answering the problem question, the 8th amendment, by restating it as if it were a clear stance in the first place.
            YD are adept at this too.

    1. Sidewinder

      What weak cow. Unable to take being cruelly condemned on national television for one of the most difficult and heart breaking decisions in the her life. Sap.

      ps You’re going to hell.

  2. bob

    Having watched the show, my blood boils listening to those clowns.

    My favourite bit was when she referred to Ruth, who was sitting beside her, as “that woman we’ve just seen”.


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