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Last night, Prime Time ran an item on TFMR (Terminations For Medical Reasons) with Katie Hannon revealing correspondence between the Master of the Rotunda Hospital Dr Sam Coulter-Smith and the Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health highlighting safety concerns of women who travel to Britain for a termination and return to Ireland half-way through the procedure.

Niamh Uí Bhriain of The Life Institute described it “as abortion in the case of profound disability and the misinformation needs to be dealt with….where we’re talking about bringing in abortion because a child has a disability however profound.”

David McCullagh was then joined by Dr Peter Boylan of the National Maternity Hospital, Holles Street and solicitor Caroline Simons of the Pro Life Campaign for the inevitable FIGHT.

Watch in full here.

Abortion: Medical concerns over new trend (Susan Mitchell, Sunday Business Post)

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On last night’s Tonight with Ger Colleran, Ger was joined by Caroline Simons (Pro Life Campaign), Dr Máire Nesta Nic Ghearailt (Every Life Counts), Dr Peter Boylan (National Maternity Hospital Holles St) and Ruth Bowie (TFMR)  to discuss abortion in cases of rape, incest and terminations for medical reasons (TFMR).

Ger Colleran: “You’re advocating that the medical or the legal prohibition on termination of such pregnancies [fatal foetal abnormalities] continue?”

Caroline Simons: “I’m advocating that the best position in the interests of women and in the interests of unborn babies is that there be a right to life for both and that the mother inevitably comes first because you cannot fail to look after a mother, without losing a baby as well.


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This afternoon

Legal Consultant to the ‘ProLife Campaign’ Caroline Simons (centre third left) with supporters (from left) Catriona Heffernan, Cora Sherlock, Seana Stafford, Maria Fogarty and Catriona Curran in front of a billboard for their new ‘Simple Truth’ campaign in Dublin, on the anniversary of the Government passing the Protection of Life During Pregnany Act.

Simple truth, you say?


(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)



Death shows need for abortion services, family planning organisation says (Kitty Holland, Irish Times)

Woman’s tragic death after abortion in UK (Abortion Rights Campaign)

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There is always a tiny minority of individuals who behave inappropriately. When someone on the pro-life side does so, we must not hesitate to name it and make it clear that such behaviour is wrong and counterproductive. But we cannot allow it to distract from the main issues in the debate.

There will be plenty of time after this phase of the campaign to expose the lies and misrepresentation that has gone on.

And let’s encourage everyone we know to stay positive and do the cause proud.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.

Caroline Simons
Pro Life Campaign

A message from Caroline Simons at this important time (Prolife Campaign)

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When it’s an early delivery.

Kind of.

You may have heard Pro-Life campaigner Caroline Simons (above) on RTE R1’s ‘Morning Ireland’ earlier speaking to Rachael English.

Caroline Simons: “Our first concern is that all women will be entitled to whatever intervention they need to deal with any complication of their pregnancy as I myself have availed of and is currently the practice in all the maternity hospitals within Ireland.”

Rachael English: “And if that includes a termination then, so be it?”

Simons: “Let’s be really clear, people have different understandings of that particular word, termination. All pregnancies terminate. Mine all terminated with interventions. Two of them were interventions before term in order to deal with the complications of pregnancy. If it involves or needs an early delivery that’s what a woman should have.”


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