46 thoughts on “Three Point’s Turn

    1. Bobby

      And it’ll always be Constantinople, not Istanbul. I’m not fully sure why it was decided to give Constantinople the works, but it’s none of my business as I’m not a Turk.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        BYZANTIUM goddamn it!!!

        Hey, name changes were commonplace all over Dublin, e.g. on independence. It is the commercial sponsorship and vocabulary-invasion that irks me. You wouldn’t call your breakfast your ‘Kelloggs’.

        1. rotide

          No, but you do say hoover and coke and ipod etc

          having said that, ill always call it the point because im curmudgenly like that.

    2. munkifisht


      What does make me laugh though is when I refer to Lansdowne as Lansdowne and the corporate brainwashed harp on “ehhh…. that’s not it’s name”, like there’s something about Aviva Insurance that should be supported. This is the same company that transfer 580 Irish jobs to Bangalore in 2008, and who dismantled their Dublin-based European holding company and moved operations to London in 2011, and who have been fined twice in recent years by the central bank for breaches of the customer protection code in 2008, and failing to have proper controls and procedures surrounding the safeguarding of client assets in 2011.

      1. rotide

        As bad as that all is, Aviva gave the IRFU/FAI the money they needed to build the bloody thing. That’s reason enough for them to want the name to enter the public vocabulary.

        It’s up to you to decide to use it but it’s a valid reason for media etc to be force to use it.

        1. munkifisht

          Not talking about the media, I’m talking about Jo Blogs in the pub with no association with the stadium or the company.

        2. Advertising On Police Cars

          Its a pity “Aviva” changed from “Hibernia” as “Hibernia Stadium” would be a lot nicer in my opinion…

      2. D

        Yeah, why can’t we give the gallant Lord Lansdowne the respect he deserves?? I mean yes, he may have been here as part of an occasionally brutal occupying force, but still!

    3. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      I want to know why Lansdowne Road (the road itself) wasn’t renamed. Lansdowne was hardly someone we should be keeping alive by keeping an important place in his name.

  1. youkilledmyfatherpreparetodie

    Also it’s not really an ‘arena’ is it now? Arena suggests ‘in the round’, doesn’t it? Like the Millenium Dome was turned into the O2 Arena.

    The Point is just a giant box. They should have come up with something cleverer like it being a cube, to the power of three, or something.

  2. Mr. T.

    I heard that Aviva tried to change the name of Landsdowne Road Dart station. They had their PR company on the case but thankfully, Irish Rail told them to fupp off.

    The arrogance of some people, thinking they can be so fickle with the place naming of common landmarks and train stations that are well over 100 years old.

    And as we see with 02, a board room decision in some private company can then change it again a few years later.

    Fupp off.

    1. scottser

      there is a roundabout on the n7 somewhere -roscrea, maybe? that’s called ‘mcdonald’s roundabout’. i nearly choked on me twisty fries..

  3. Toni the Exotic Dancer

    How is any Paddy meant to cope with pronouncing a double “Th….Th” in such close succession? …..
    “D’ Tree” it will be.

  4. Kev

    I heard the new name was going to be the 3House, or ‘De Tree House’ to certain local accents.

    On a separate note, I don’t call the Aviva by its name because of some corporate or media pressure, I call it that because it’s the shiny building with AVIVA written in huge letters on the side.

  5. Well that's that

    The 3 House would have been cool, and the blue external lights could’ve been turned green like they do for Paddy’s Day….the 3 Arena is a bit Vanilla

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