RTÉ presenter Keelin Shanley and model Darragh Hayes pictured in today’s Irish Times in a promo for the Irish Cancer Society’s Paint It Pink campaign.

Paint It Pink

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37 thoughts on “George Salpa

  1. Tony the Toy Gur

    Reading some of the tweet replies, how is this sexist? Taking your shirt off for an advert is now sexist?

    1. Caroline

      Is sex against feminist doctrines? Because if so I am in a lot of trouble.

      Alright, a bit of trouble.

      OK, I’ve had a brush with trouble.

      Well I’ll be in trouble soon, hopefully.

  2. Mister Mister

    When I saw that yesterday I thought the same myself, it’s a bit cringey and inappropriate given all the hulla balloo over using women the same way.

    So where do we stand now, if we use a scantily clad women we have to use a scantily clad man for the next campaign, or do we use none at all ?

  3. Haroo von Haroo

    Keelin rarely gets it from the sisters. She is so right on. But is a lightweight. A bit of d8 educate together fluff.

  4. munkifisht

    This isn’t my cup’a tea, but all this shite talk about what’s not considered sexist is doing my nut. There a reason that artists have traditionally painted good looking people with a lack of clothes. Sure, we’re all precious, special little creations, and humanity’s something extraordinary, but attractive people are attributive. Attractive people with less clothes on are more attractive. What the f**k is wrong with a little exploitation (that’s not a one way street either). Maybe Ireland’s a little backward in these things, or maybe were the last vestige of defence against this load of PC shite that’s engulfing the rest of the world.

    1. Caroline

      There often seems to be an underlying fear detectable in men’s responses on this issue, basically: a fear that acknowledging and ending exploitation would mean and end to Teh Boobz.

      An understandable panic reaction of course, but entirely unfounded.

        1. Caroline

          You’ll spot it the next time this subject comes up too. And now you’ll recognise it. Just a little rising panic in one or two of the responses, the kind that drives an otherwise sane person to break down, because hysteria has momentarily driven him to believe the only option is to keep things exactly as they are, or else it’s Taliban 2.0.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    It’s Roisín Ingle….. pffffft….. a few tweets down and she’s promoting the Kardashians make-up storage tips article and how to get the look etc without breaking the bank.

    The Kardashians ffs, a bunch of Daddy’s wallet nobodies now famous for being famous. I find it hard to listen to some ol’ wan like Ingle talk about sexism when she promotes the likes of a bunch of vacuous socialite barbie dolls with what appears to be only one career goal, get money, by selling yourself on TV or to marry more money.
    That’s the crap that teen girls are buying into, and it is far worse than a pic of a male model with his top off promoting a good cause.

    Truly hilarious nonsense from Ingle!

      1. will-billy

        yous are just jealous of her success in cultivating an everywoman image and monetising it. i, for one, salute the vacuous airhead

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