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This evening.

Three have announced that they will be ending their partnership with the FAI when their current deal expires next July.

“The Board and the commercial team here at the FAI would like to thank Three Chief Executive Robert Finnegan and his colleagues for their support of Irish football,” said FAI President Donal Conway.

“In their ten years as proud backers of Irish football they have been Ireland’s number one supporter and we will always be grateful to them for their financial and personal support.

“We look forward to a successful eight months ahead with Three on board as we countdown to the Euro play-offs in March and the UEFA EURO 2020 games in Dublin next summer.”

Statement released by the Football Association of Ireland this evening after Three Ireland announced it would not be renewing its sponsorship of the FAI when its current deal expires in July 2020.

Three Ireland will not be renewing sponsorship deal with FA (Irish Examiner)

FAI thank Three for Sponsorship (FAI)


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This morning.

A promotion by Three offering 3Plus customers “one last chance” to get their hands on tickets to the sold-out Electric Picnic festival.

3Plus Electric Picnic Last Chance Sale (Three)

The Connected Restaurant.

From Three and Samsung, who write:

Powered by the Three network and Samsung technology, this one of a kind restaurant welcomed family and friends on opposite sides of the globe and gave them the opportunity to come together to share a Christmas dinner like no other. Over four days, The Connected Restaurant hosted 24 sittings in Ireland and Australia with one half of the restaurant based in Dublin and the other in Sydney.


Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams, centre, at the Ploughing Championships earlier today

RTE reports:

A Wicklow councillor expelled from Sinn Féin has said the party did not even have the courtesy to tell him about the expulsion.

Councillor Gerry O’Neill said he, along with fellow councillors John Snell and Oliver O’Brien, had previously lost the party whip.

This follows a dispute over the appointment of Councillor Nicola Lawless as Sinn Féin group leader on Wicklow County Council.

Cllr O’Neill said the move was part of a wider bid by the party to control councillors and make them “nodding dogs.”

Sinn Féin expels three members in Wicklow council dispute (RTE)


From the Ploughing Championships in Screggan, Tullamore, Co Offaly…

Harry McGee, in The Irish Times, reports:

…The three have said the party has tried to browbeat them and to impose decisions and officers on them. Mr O’Neill has previously said he would not be a “nodding dog” for any party.

Speaking on the issue of Sinn Féin’s handling of such complaints – and others, some of which involve cases of alleged bullying – Mr Adams said that “if Sinn Féin is to be blamed internally for one thing, it is perhaps we have been too patient in trying to get people to deal with issues in a fraternal way and you get to the point where you realise that that is just not possible.”

“So, with great reluctance, we have expelled these three councillors, we have done it within our own rules, our own regulations and they know well that that was coming to them.”

Sinn Féin expels three Wicklow councillors (The Irish Times)

Pic: Sinn Fein

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Colm Hanley, of Murray Consultants, writes:

For Christmas, Andrew [Whelan, from Stradbally, Co Laois] got the present of a lifetime from Santa Claus; two tickets to see his football idol Robbie Brady line out for Norwich against Cardiff City. But just days before the game, Robbie completed a transfer to Premier League side Burnley.

Last week, at the team hotel, Robbie surprised Andrew with his own Ireland jersey and gave him #TheCallUp to be a mascot for Republic of Ireland vs Iceland on Tuesday [tomorrow] night.

A clearly shell-shocked Andrew was delighted to meet his hero and is looking forward to the game on Tuesday.

Robbie Brady named Ireland captain with Martin O’Neill set to blood new caps (RTE)

#makehistory 3

Three’s new TV campaign

Diarmaid Walsh writes

The campaign evokes hope and positivity, acknowledging the commitment of the supporters and also the team’s quest for success. Underpinned by Irish band, The Stunning’s classic 90s anthem “Brewing Up a Storm”, the campaign is a rallying call to all supporters to get behind the Irish team, reminding them why they love football…

Featuring: Big Jack and legions of women fans (happy face).


Mariusz writes:

Let me share my story about how I changed mobile provider from #Meteor to #O2 / Three Ireland…

Day 1 Sunday I noticed that O2 had a good Bill Pay Plan with #Iphone6 plus128GB and my old iPhone was getting older and older and my contract with Meteor was due to finish so I decided to move to O2. Spent over €400 on my dream phone and after I filled everything online I read that my new phone would be with me within four working days.

Day 5 Thursday I hadn’t received anything so decided to call Customer Care where I found out after 20 minutes on the phone that they had sent me email with a request for ID scan and credit card statement. Funny thing was I had never received that email.

Day 6 Friday I called them again to make sure that all of the documents were fine just to be told all was good and I should get everything in four days.

Day 10 Tuesday I called them again. A customer service representative told me that she would check it and email me later that day.

Day 11 Wednesday Received email saying that my order was shipped from the warehouse yesterday and I should receive my delivery within the next day or two, I said sweet. I asked for my phone to be delivered to my work. Phone was delivered later on that day after I finished work but that’s no biggie.

Day 12 Thursday Happy Day, I finally received my phone, woohoo, but hold on a second. A new sim card was forgotten to be included in the package. I emailed Customer Care  to be told that they made a mistake. I say OK, I’m a patient person…

Day 16 Monday I emailed  Customer Care, I was little bit frustrated at this stage.But two or three hours later I finally received my package. woohoo, I had waited so long for this day, sweet! However…
1 they gave me new number which made no sense because I was moving my old number.
2 the sim card they put in was Micro sim card which DOES NOT fit into an iPhone

At this stage I was like FUPP IT! Later on that day I called Customer Care and told them that I want my money back and I want nothing to do with company which CAN NOT provide simple service and product! Thank you #ThreeIreland you guys have just lost a customer!


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