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Cáit O’Riordan

“When I was a 17 year old London-Irish kid living in a Kilburn hostel I became a founding member of The Pogues. I was dubbed ‘Rocky O’Riordan’ and spent the next 4 years gigging and recording. The Pogues became successful very fast but my favourite memories are of those small pub and club gigs in the early days, when the chaotic energy of both the band and our audience still owed as much to the Sex Pistols as to The Dubliners.
“I quit the band aged just 21 and over the next 17 years I battled addiction and depression, finally picking up my bass again in 2003. Since then I have played with many legends of the Irish music industry, including the Radiators from Space, The Hothouse Flowers, Mundy, Jerry Fish and Gavin Friday. As well as returning to the music business I went back to school, earning a Master’s degree in Psychological Science in 2013. I am currently enrolled in the PhD programme at UCD Smurfit Graduate School of Business.”

Cáit  O’Riordan

Cáit ‘Rocky’ O’Riordan returns to the Dublin live scene with a new band for a series of intimate gigs at The Stag’s Head (starting October 12).

They promise to blast out the classics from Red Roses for MeRum, Sodomy and the Lash, and “recreating the sweaty, manic fun of a Pogues gig circa 1984…”


The Stag’s Head, Dame Court, Dublin

4pm €10

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10 thoughts on “Cáit Of Many Colours

    1. Planet of the Missing Biros

      Everyone’s a legend. Everyone’s a hero. Everyone is awesome. Everyone can do anything they want. Everyone is right. Everyone is entitled to everything.

  1. Peckerhead

    Smurfit Graduate Business School must’ve been her rock bottom, I guess. How would you ever wash that off your conscience?

  2. V-Bomb

    Some of the songs she wrote with her then-husband Elvis Costello were absolutely gorgeous.

    Wouldn’t expect them played. But just saying…

  3. Manta Rae

    Her version of Haunted with MacGowan kicks seven kinds of merde out of Sinead O’Connor’s attempt. Cait also famously dedicated A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday to the memory of Jock Stein at a Pogues’ gig in the Glasgow Barrowland, 24 hours after the great man’s passing. Welcome back Cait.

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