Staying In Tonight?



Don’t watch that.

Watch this.

The heavy heavy sound of Interskalactic.

Now on the telly!

Ronan of Interskalactic writes:

“You guys featured a video of ours playing “Simmer Down” from Body & Soul back in July. Just thought I’d drop you a mail to let you know that on the back of some decent gigs down Electric Picnic last weekend and the great reception the vid got, we’re now playing the first Late Late Show of the season tonight on RTE One!
We’re looking forward to getting a bit of decent live ska out to the masses, The video  (above) is from Body & Soul of us playing Prince Buster’s classic ‘Al Capone’.”

*does nutty dance*

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6 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Kieran NYC

    Heh nice! You’re going to be sitting in watching the Late Late, these amazing guys come on and make you want to go out, but you CAN’T now because it’s too late, you fool!

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