32 thoughts on “Everybody Chill

    1. Llareggub

      As long as it’s a holy Catholic coat hanger, galvanised with guilt and even then, only with the permission of a bishop.

    1. jadedwithitall

      I applaud your open-mindedness, balanced approach and nuanced, intelligent consideration of a complex issue. It’s when people (on both sides) adopt aggressive and simplistic positions that problems arise. Glad to see you’re above that.

      1. Llareggub

        Cheers and thanks for your wonderful advice. That poster is the work of a group of lying nut jobs so what do expect? I am sick and tired of how these people lie and manipulate the truth. A bunch of cells is not a baby.

        1. ahyeah

          People who hold opinions that are contrary to your own are “lying nutjobs”. Chances of sophisticated, informed and informative debate are pretty much nil then, right?

          1. Llareggub

            It’s not an opinion Ahyeah, it’s a fact -a bunch of cells is not a baby. And yes anti-choicers are lying nut-jobs.

          2. Brainer

            Hate to break it to you Llaregub but you yourself are nothing more than a bunch of cells. And a baby is a bunch of cells. And a blastocyst is a bunch of cells. That’s an organism.

          3. Nigel

            Well, so long as you passive-agressively focus on tone and make that the centre of the debate as if anger and insults are anything new in this issue, then you are clearly determined to stick to safe ground where the moral high ground is being sniffy about other people’s passion and anger.

      2. Nially

        Yes, what we really need to do is give some deep, nuanced thought to the “YOU’RE KILLING TEH BABIEZ!!!1!11!” poster. Because clearly it is itself so nuanced in the first place.

        Like, seriously, the problem is that there isn’t a balanced middle ground to “That clump of cells is a baby” vs “No it’s not”. What would you like our response to this poster to be?

      3. rotide

        Of course there’s a middle ground. Between the YD idiots and the Broadsheet idiots there is the vast majority of Irish Society.

        They’re the middle ground.

          1. ahyeah

            That was just silly, will-billy. Pretty sad how every issue and debate in this country quickly descends into puerile name-calling. Not surprising that anyone with half a brain has left.

        1. Nially

          It’s really telling that you don’t explain what the middle ground between “A 12-week-old foetus is a person” and “A 12-week-old foetus isn’t a person” is. You just assert that a middle ground exists, that most people (including yourself) fall into it as a kind of silent majority, and smugly continue on your way.

          Tell me what the middle ground on that issue of contention is, please.

      4. Clampers Outside!

        Llareggub is right and didn’t require nuance. Her first part is specific, scientific and accurate, a zygote is not a baby.

        The second ‘dumb-ass’ and ‘neanderthal’ part is no different than some religious person saying stuff like ‘you’re going to hell’, or ‘the devil will take your soul’.

        ‘Control-freaks’ is absolutely and without doubt also wholly accurate. Although I will agree, calling them ‘lamps’ was excessive. Carry on

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