The Weeping Frenchman


Lisa writes:

I just had the weirdest conversation with the owner of Flanagans Furniture in Bray. When I pointed out that his photograph was actually a man crying as German tanks rolled in to Paris during WW2 [or something equally poignant] he shrugged and said “well we don’t mean it like that”

33 thoughts on “The Weeping Frenchman

  1. huppenstop

    It’s use to advertise a sale is crass, yes. I wouldn’t have bothered speaking to the owner about it though. I don’t think it’s offensive if that’s what the post is getting at.

      1. pol

        …whose grandfather was run over by a German tank while he was on his way to buy some discounted furniture.

        1. Mani

          Well, if we’re endorsing stereotypes he would have been run over by a German tank while he was either capitulating or informing on the Jewish family next door.

  2. Llareggub

    The Flanagans of Buncrana eh? Interesting. This happened a few years back because Brian Flanagan was upset by a couple of nude paintings…

    THE chairman of a Donegal arts centre has been asked to resign following his unauthorised removal of two nude paintings from an exhibition last weekend.

    Management committee chairman of Tullyarvan Mill, Buncrana, Brian Flanagan removed two 6×6′ paintings from the exhibition ‘River beneath the River’ by Donegal based artist Bernadette Hopkins, claiming they symbolised “a strong disregard for concerns of modesty.”

    – See more at:

  3. Fenster

    there is a sad story, personal, national or international attached to a picture of any person crying, hard to find one that isn’t sad tbh

    1. ESV

      Not all of them are to do with Nazi invasions though are they? And there are plenty of stock photographs of people crying – posed photographs I mean, intended for advertising photographs.

      They should take this down. It’s crass. Would they take it down if it was pointed out to them that it was a person in tears, for example, at the scene of one of the atrocities during the Troubles?

  4. V-Bomb

    What was the shop (possibly a discount store in Scotland?) about five years ago that used a photo of the famous falling man from 9/11 with the banner “Our competitors can’t believe our low prices” or something.

    Surprised Ryanair didn’t do that on Sept 12th 2001.

  5. Alex francis

    But Lisa, you’re supposing the man was crying because German tanks were rolling into Paris. Perhaps he was crying because he lost his favourite goldfish or because his trousers were too tight.
    Perhaps you can you tell us why the man is crying?

      1. John E. Bravo

        Copyright is not directly linked with age of artwork but with year of death of artist (+70years, usually). If the Nazis got the cameraman then you’re golden.

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    Agree with Lisa – inappropriate use of an iconic war-related image. Licensee should have researched. Think about a similar Irish iconic image and if it were used to sell ice-cream or handbags or something trivial?

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