Draught Craft Daft




Controversial Sligo brewer White Hag at the Irish Craft Beer and Cider festival in the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin right NOW.

Bob Coggins writes;

“The White Hag’s first outing [at the festival], and a momentous one, with the brewery’s SEVEN beers on tap all receiving widespread praise from the beer hacks and bearded hipsters alike. If you like stout, we’ve ‘The Black Boar’, a 10.2% imperial stout here waiting for you. Ten point two!”

Irish Craft Beer and Cider Festival

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24 thoughts on “Draught Craft Daft

  1. Mr B

    Outstanding beers from the lads. Great to see Irish brewers taking a chance and releasing unconventional styles.

  2. GiGi

    Living nearby I decided to see what all this Whitehag craft beer RDS hype was about. The one I liked the most is brewed from bog water. It’s seriously good beer.

    1. Odis

      I used to think that. Though you can make strong beers that taste like regular beer.
      I think this might have something to do with the British strong beers of the last century, tasting completely cat, for whatever reason, maybe it was a fashionable taste at the time of their original development. I’m talking about the “Barley Wines”. and “Christmas Ales”.
      Though I also recall drinking a really foul tasting German strong beer called a Bock or Bockner.

  3. Eliot Rosewater

    I was there, and really liked the one from White Hag I tried. Some lovely beers there, but I’m either getting old or those beers are WAAAAY too strong. Still recovering.

  4. GiGi

    My favourite one was the White Hag bottle with the white label. Think it’s one of their Irish Pale Ales. I’m such a sad girl drinker, (I took a pic on my phone because I think it’s delicious). : )

    1. Joe Dolan

      A ‘Broad’ is an American term for a ‘White Hag’ so it’d work, just maybe not as catchy…

      1. rotide

        This comment reads like you’d rather a ‘craft beer’ over a ‘beer’ because the former is a ‘craft beer’

  5. Joe Dolan

    What has an eyesight test to do with drinking? Aside from the bottom line of the chart, which looks like a polish beer.

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