Do You Know Conor Phillips From The Blanch’?



Rory McCarthy writes:

“Could any of you help me out with finding this gentleman who lost his wallet yesterday? On Mount Street just beside the Oscar Wilde statue on Merrion Square. Usual full of bank cards etc. Much obliged.”


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15 thoughts on “Do You Know Conor Phillips From The Blanch’?

  1. les rock

    surely theres an address on his driving licence. Therefore take a trip to blanch and find the address and give it back

  2. Cinsire

    There are two Phillips households in Blanch listed in the phone book. Maybe if Rory called the one that matches, Gerard wouldn’t have cancelled all his cards by now.

      1. Cinsire

        So you could the chap. On a phone. So you can tell him you have his wallet. So that he can come to you, and you don’t have to spend half the day driving out to Blanch.

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