Meanwhile, In Australia



Dean McMenamin  tweetz:

Bush fire just outside Devils Marbles in Northern Australia reminded me of Ireland.


Dean left Dublin in April of 2013 with the aim of cycling to India but continued on to Australia, where he is presently.

He has cycled almost 24,000 kilometres to date and raised more than €5,000 for Concern Worldwide and Cycle Against Suicide in the process.

Dean McMenamin

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9 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Australia

  1. Supercrazyprices

    I’ve cycled several thousand kilometers over the last number of years but all to and from work.

  2. Joe Malone

    Emm. … you could have made waaaay more by just working and donating your wages instead of cycling. By waaaay more I mean St least time tines more…. you sir are a loser LOL

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