1 thought on “Liberty Town

  1. Louis Lefronde

    Ah Liberty Town. Welcome to Ireland a country where civics is not properly or adequately taught in schools, notwithstanding the fact the most important relationship a person has (with the exception of friends and family) is the state.

    Dublin once a very fine city whose historic core was largely destroyed through a combination of greed, incompetence and sheer ignorance – still lacks that notion of civic pride and responsibility at every level, especially in the city council (let’s not mention the uncivil service for a moment)

    While many cities throughout Europe and North America are rebuilding what they lost (often due to war damage) and reinvigorating the historic core (buildings, streetscapes and vistas) This trend hasn’t quite ‘touched down’ on this island yet, notwithstanding the plain facts that reconstruction has very strong economic benefits in terms of tourism and urban regeneration. Best of all, it pays for itself!

    I think it is a very useful exercise to look at Archiseek to realise how much of the city’s historic fabric was ‘lost’ and then to look at what is happening elsewhere



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