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Former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson verbally abuses host Nathan Downer on live Canadian television when that thing we never talk about is mentioned.

He was in Toronto to perform his one-man show and support Mayor Rob Ford’s re-election bid.

Good luck with that.

Warning: contains NSFW language.

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34 thoughts on “The Live Mike

      1. Disasta

        So once a person has done something they can never be allowed move on?
        Has he been raping since? Do you think he has changed?
        Who the f*** are you or who is the intervew d!ck to mention that?

        But you sit back and let the criminals of this country ride us daily.

        1. pimpslap

          Tyson’s a convicted rapist who was asked about the fact he’s a convicted rapist. His defensive, aggressive response was similar to yours in fact, Disasta.

          That’s not you, Mike, is it?

        2. Bobby

          He supports Rob Ford, so that’s a good indication of the way he thinks.

          And not forgiving a rapist for his crime doesn’t mean you do nothing about local criminals.

          It’s a very simplistic and childish view to think it does.

          1. Disasta

            Rob_G, you are right, one rape is too many. One crime is too many. But answer the question.

            Once someone commits a crime, does it have to be brought up in their faces for the rest of their lives? Have you ever done anything you don’t like brought up in front of people who know you?

            pimpslap he didn’t ask him a question, he called him a convicted rapist (doesn’t matter if it isfact, fat people don’t like being called fat even though they are, so we don’t call them fat just to rise them unless you’re a pr!ck) on live Tv to get a rise out of someone who has proven they’ve a short temper and are not that smart. Why would one do that other than being a pr!ck?

            Bobby I never asked anyone to forgive him. Where you getting that? I suggested bringing it up at every given opportunity is unnecessary. You took my comment up in a very simplistic and childish way.

          2. Brainer

            I guess it comes down to the simple question of whether people deserve to be forgiven for bad things they’ve done.

            I for one would try to live up to that.

            And not trying to forgive the rape assault but the story of mike Tyson’s early life is heartbreaking and completely crazy. He’s like a child even still. From listening to him over the years he seems like his heart is in the right place and he himself understands he is a messed up guy in many ways. But to keep persecuting someone over something they did decades ago is not a good way of going about things in society in my opinion.

            Fair enough, if someone continues to pose a risk of reoffending then by all means let the justice system keep them off the streets but if they’re not a risk, and have served their time then don’t be so petty and cruel and never allow the person to rise above an action they may have atoned for.

            Live and let live.

          3. Rob_G


            If Tyson’s feelings are hurt by people referring to his being a rapist, he should have thought about that before pinning the 18 year old girl on the bed and raping her.

            Your comparison between fat people and rapists is as abhorrent as it is ridiculous.

        1. pimpslap

          Disasta: he was asked by the interviewer how he’d respond to people who were claiming that his presence was having a negative impact on the mayor’s re-election campaign.

          That’s a question. A straightforward one. A question that would be brought up by any interviewer worth their salt if a convicted rapist is on the campaign trail.

          1. Disasta

            He could have been more subtle in what he said.

            Any interviewer worth their salt would know that. His comments were purely inflammatory and he knew damn well the reaction he would get.

            We all know who he is, what his is, and what he’s done. The manner he delivered the question was a ploy to gain ratings from a simpleton who committed a crime a long time ago. End of story.

  1. MintyFresh

    Nathan Downer is an intelligent, sensitive journo, a stalwart of CP24 and a gent. Mike Tyson is an ignorant pig and with his rap sheet I don’t know how he was even let over the border. He is perfectly paired with Rob Ford though and hopefully his past will take the shine off Rob Ford’s campaign. If that cretin of a man somehow gets re-elected I’ll be re-evaluating my plans to return to Toronto. There are plenty of other nice places to live in Southern Ontario.

    1. swoon

      Sensitive and intelligent jorno (horseshit) brings notorious ex boxer & convicted rapist onto show to garner a larger audience.
      Is sensitive journo immune from the very same criticism as Rob Ford?of using Tyson’s notoriety.
      Never heard of the journo until today and my opinion is now a negative one.He’s a tool.

      Also, if you know anything about Rob Ford and have any intelligence you’ll have already made up your mind about him,but Ford’s PR machine probably believe Tyson’s notoriety will actually improve his standing and it probably will.
      Rapist or not.

      1. MintyFresh

        Plenty of idiots in Toronto still believe Rob Ford is the man to lead the city- he’s 2nd place in the polls. Drugs, gangs, homophobia and misogyny are one thing but hanging out with and having a convicted rapist on the campaign trail is another. Yeah, I never heard of Brian Dobson or Ann Doyle before I came here. I wouldn’t expect anyone to know the mayor, let alone our new guys.

    1. MintyFresh

      A tumour in his fat gut apparently. His father was killed by colon cancer within a few months of diagnosis- I had a suspicion nature would assassinate ol’ Rob sooner or later. Maybe his idiot brother city councillor Doug will be next.

      1. Mani

        If only there were someway of separating the man from the sport/art. Oh hang on. Yup. Just did it. Now, to go rewatch Rosemary’s baby.

      2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        In The Hangover, Tyson was peddling that whole “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” schtick, Hearing that from a rapist made me SO goddamn angry. I couldn’t believe those guys allowed him to be in the movie.

  2. pimpslap

    Hello Springfield, I’m heavyweight champ Drederick Tatum issuing a challenge to see who can sell the most candy, winners will become honorary bad boys at the next Isotopes home game, proceeds will go to keeping people like me off the street, I can’t help myself, punch and grope, punch and grope, its all I was taught

  3. Buggalugga

    Circumstances of that conviction bear some looking into in my opinion. Can’t help but think he was set up to some extent. Not a popular opinion I know, but there is more to it than meets the eye

  4. TheBeef

    I had the exact same reaction as Rob_G when I saw this oaf in the Hangover.

    And to every person here who is trying to disregard or discredit his rape conviction with the usual ‘it’s in the past, let’s give this guy a second chance’ drivel; would you be saying that if it was your wife/mother/sister who he raped? I sincerely doubt it, but I guess it’s OK because she was just another nameless party girl.

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