Meanwhile, Outside Government Buildings




Symphysiotomy survivors hold a protest over the State’s proposed redress scheme.

On RTÉ One’s Morning Ireland this morning, chair of Survivors of Symphysiotomy, Marie O’Connor, said:

“First of all there’s no admission of wrongdoing, secondly there’s the issue of legal rights – survivors will be required to sign away their legal and Constitutional rights as a condition of entry to the scheme, before they know the outcome of a process controlled by the State, in other words before they know what money they will be offered.”

Symphysiotomy redress scheme criticised as ‘fundamentally flawed’ (RTE)

Pics via Siobhan Bastible (top) and Sam Griffin (above)

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6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Outside Government Buildings

    1. aubrey

      Really, I know how horrific it is what happened, but that combination of words … sorry if that offended anyone.

  1. Mr. T.

    It’s always the less well off in Irish society who were the victims of systemic abuse, neglect, malpractice at the hands of institutions and agents of the state. You’d swear they were being punished.

  2. Dubloony

    Exactly how much f**king around is a person supposed to take in one lifetime?
    What happened was criminal & should be treated as such. Those poor women!

  3. Walter Ego

    These poor women have suffered enough and all our Government want to do is force them into a yellow pack Magdeline style redress scheme, that is ex-gratia meaning NO-ONE is held accountable for the barbaric butchery that was done to these women. The Government are just continuing on the abuse. Shame on them. Give the women the justice they deserve.

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